10 Tips for Safe International Trips

International travel is fun and exciting. If you are planning to go abroad, there are a few things to keep in mind as you head out for adventure. Careful attention to detail is crucial in order to have a safe, fun trip. 

1. Visit the State Department Website 

When it comes to accurate information, the state department website is accurate and updated constantly. This is an excellent place to begin to look for information about your planned journey. As you travel, continue to check here for issues that may pose a problem. 

2. Get Vaccinated 

Updated vaccines an extremely important thing when you travel. Disease threats can change from country to country. Find out which diseases are epidemic where you plan to head. Many vaccine-preventable diseases are contagious. It's best to get protected by medical professionals before heading out. 

3. Create Electronic Copies 

Paper copies are useful. Back them up with electronic copies. Scan copies of important documents such as your passport and visa before you leave. This way, if something gets lost or heavily stained, you'll always have access to immediate copies you can present to officials. 

4. Wear Clothing With Lots of Pockets 

Pockets are crucial for all travelers. You'll want to wear clothing that offers easy access to everything you need all day long in a safe and secure place. Place your most important items like credit cards in easy reach inside pockets. 

5. Search All Spaces 

Be aware of what you're doing at every moment. You want to make sure that you're always safe. Look for places that are brightly lit and have lots of people. If you don't feel safe in a given community, move slowly but deliberately until you do. 

6. Leave the Bling at Home 

Travel lightly when you pack. Leave the bling on the shelves. It's easy to lose and tempting for thieves. 

7. Avoid Panhandlers 

Many places have panhandlers. Don't give them or you'll likely to swarmed with others. Reserve your funds for a reputable organization that serves the poor instead. 

8. Proper Insurance 

Insurance is very important for all international travelers. Make sure you have adequate travel insurance before you leave. If something does go wrong, you'll be fully protected financially. 

9. Be Flexible 

Keep in mind that your travel plans can be disrupted. Railway workers can go on strike. A sudden change in weather can lead to flooding, blizzards and periods of intense sun. It's best to be as flexible as possible. Keep in touch with local weather conditions. Be prepared to take alternative routes if necessary, to get to your destination. 

10. Keep Emergency Numbers on Hand 

If something does happen, you want easy access to help. Make sure you know how to contact the police, fire, and paramedics no matter where you're going. 

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Posted on Feb 26 2019

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