4 Reasons Why a "Working" Vacation is Better Than a "Personal" Vacation

limo service westchester, limo service NYC, NY limo, sedan service NYAre you a small business owner concerned about the potential consequences of taking time off? Don't be. A working vacation can be an effective way to both take personal time and ensure that you aren't missed back at the office.

1. You Don't Need to Worry

For some people, not being involved with work is more stressful than not thinking about it at all. There are different personality types in the world. Some people shudder at the thought of being constantly "on," but others get terrified at the idea of switching off their phone. For those who enjoy their work and worry about their office, taking a working vacation actually relieves stress.

2. You Can Expense, Expense, Expense

Obviously, there is a definite financial benefit to taking a working vacation rather than a personal one; the ability to expense practically everything you do as long as it is related to business. This lets you spend more money on food, attractions and other entertainment possibilities. You can even experience some pricier restaurants and expense them, as long as they were legitimately used to entertain clients and potential business partners.

3. You Can Finally Focus on Work

Do you have some particularly difficult projects you need to get through? Sometimes getting away is actually much better for productivity. You're out of the office, there are no distractions going on and you can focus on a single, important thing. Stress can also be a great mood and productivity killer, and while you're on vacation you can relax and really step up your game.

4. You Can Take a Longer Vacation

In America, we take the shortest vacations in the world--just a paltry four weeks compared to the average of eight to ten. But with a working vacation, you can extend your vacation time significantly while not extending many of your core travel expenses, such as your flights. Imagine taking a two week working vacation in Italy--directly followed by a four week personal vacation in nearby France. You don't need to pay for the travel, you get six weeks abroad and you still only take four weeks of actual personal vacation time!

Remember: your free time is your free time. After all, you don't work 24/7 when you're at home, do you? (Hopefully not.) You can even take your spouse and kids along on your working vacation and simply schedule your "work" time strictly between your "personal time." And, of course, don't forget to book your ground transportation options in advance!

Posted on Oct 10 2014

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