4 Things To Make Time Management A Breeze

Time managementGetting more done is something that we all aspire to do. It could make the difference between getting home at a reasonable time most days and having work life balance all out of kilter. Or it could mean that you get that promotion; as you handle more, and more complex issues, better than those around you. This short post gives you 4 simple ways to ensure that your time get use in the most productive manner possible.

1.            Make A List

The most effective way of using your time wisely is to know exactly what you need to do in the time available. A simple old to-do list is a great place to start; you just need to have a central list of all the major projects you’re working on, when they need to be done by and who the key contacts are.

2.            Prioritize those tasks

Once you know what needs to be done, before you can get cracking you need to have an idea about priority. This is not totally straight forward as it has two parts; importance and urgency. To find out what your task is, simply ask yourself the following questions: ‘how well does this need to be done’ (be honest, most tasks will never be near 100%, or you’re just underworked) and ‘how quickly do I need to start on this issue’. The aspect of urgency itself needs some consideration; there may be some tasks that need someone else’s input, so to get them done on time, means you’ve got to start them early.

Once you know this information, you can plan when tasks can be achieved. You should try and group similar items together to avoid repetition of thought and questioning.

3.            Don’t get distracted

You should now be cutting swaths through your workload – the key is to keep doing it. There are an infinite number of distractions that can stop you getting stuff done, mean that tasks take longer or reduce the quality of your output. Find what they are and get rid of them.

4.            Ensure you stay fresh

Most people need to take frequent breaks to ensure that their output remains at the highest quality. You don’t need to disappear for hours, just allow your brain to relax for a moment. Just like a muscle, this will give your brain the strength it then needs to perform later.

We hope that these tips are of some use mean you get a little close to achieving that goal; be it more time, or more responsibility. We are company that can save you time in one specific are: ground transportation. As a New York based ground Transportation Company, we have the goal of driving a new transportation revolution in sustainable and environmentally aware transportation.  We’d love to be your responsible ground transportation partner. Call us on 800-682-1112 to see what we can do together.

Posted on Mar 21 2014

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