4 Ways to Cut the Budget of Your Company's Next Trade Show

limo service NYC, NYC limo, westchester limo, fairfield county limoTrade shows can be extraordinarily difficult to plan -- but they're even harder to budget. When you're trying to manage a trade show, it can be incredibly important to slim down the budget as much as possible. As you work on trimming the fat, consider the following tactics.

1. Book Equipment in Advance

Many trade shows have proprietary equipment, such as WiFi routers, that you need to book from the show itself. If you don't book this equipment in advance, you need to pay expensive door costs! They could even run out of some desirable equipment, like scanners. So make sure that you book your equipment the second you can.

2. Get Creative With Lodging

Rather than paying for two hotel rooms directly next to the convention center, consider booking a single motel apartment with two rooms that is farther away but still on one of the main roads, or at more alternative booking services like Airbnb. Booking farther away from a trade show can save you hundreds of dollars, especially during one of the larger events of the year. Book early, as well -- you don't want to find yourself in a situation where all of the rooms in the area are taken!

3. Get Everything Shipped in Advance

Make sure that you look around for shipping quotes rather than simply going with the lowest UPS, FedEx or USPS shipping. There are companies that specialize in moving heavy items, such as your trade show equipment -- you just need to get a quote early. Otherwise you could find yourself wasting the majority of your budget in shipping costs. And the last thing you want to do is carry anything with you as luggage! Your luggage could get lost on the way to the show, and then where will you be?

4. Arrange for Transportation

Arrange for a car service both to and from the convention center for your employees directly to and from the hotel. This will ensure that they get to the event on time and will be far more affordable than alternatives, as you can negotiate a rate in advance and you will have a predictable budget. A transportation service will also avoid extraneous costs, such as parking fees.

Of course, the budget isn't everything -- you still want to be able to give your employees everything they need to be productive and efficient, or the trade show won't be a success! Consider asking employees who have been to these trade shows before whether there are certain items they absolutely need.

Posted on Oct 24 2014

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