5 Insider Tips to Finding the Best Airline Ticket Prices

travel tipsFor travel into and out of the New York Tristate area, you want to find excellent flight options for affordable rates. When you’re traveling for business, it is important to keep expenses in check. With the tips we provide here, as well as by using the services of a reputable New York limousine service, you can enjoy a great trip while sticking to a budget.


Helpful Tips


  1. Check Fares Early and Frequently—On average, you will save more than $230 by checking fares as early as possible and checking them frequently. Fares for airline tickets change, in fact, several times per week. As soon as you know the date of your trip, start checking prices. For the lowest fare, check prices up to one week out. By doing so, there is a good chance you will save a significant amount of money.


  1. Purchase the Ticket at the Right Time—Another tip for saving money when purchasing an airline ticket is to buy at the right time. Although buying a ticket seven weeks prior to travel is not always an option, when it is, this is when you will save the most. However, there is also a nice savings if you book between 21 and 30 days out, as opposed to 7 days in advance of the flight.


  1. Choose the Right Day to Travel—Even the day of travel will have an impact on price. For example, flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday will save you roughly $60 for roundtrip airfare. The most expensive days to fly are Friday and Sunday. The bottom line:Book your trip on days when airline tickets are the least expensive.


  1. Consider Different Airports—Another way to spend less on air travel is to fly into and out of smaller airports. Typically, flights associated with international airports are more expensive than those for regional airports. Flying into a smaller airport may not always be an option,but due to the cost savings, this is certainly worth researching.


  1. Use Different Airlines—Instead of booking your entire trip with one airline, you can save money in some cases by combining two one-way flights on different carriers, thereby creating a more affordable roundtrip.


Reaching Your Destination


In addition to being wise abouthow you book airline tickets, you can save money by using a New York limo service. Many people think this type of ground transportation is lavish and therefore expensive, but in reality the services of a NY limo company are less expensive than other options. Considering that you’ll be enjoying a quiet space, professional chauffeur, modern amenities, and more, you can see the real value of a NY limo service.

Posted on Jan 20 2016

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