5 Must-haves for flawless Ground Transportation for Corporate Events

When the decor is ready, the snacks are on the table, and the event is about to begin, what's the only thing missing? Your guests!

Organizing an event requires a lot of preparation, but one of the most important (and often neglected) aspects is ground transportation.

We'd like to help you by creating a list with five “must-haves” for organizing flawless ground transportation to any event.


You should choose a provider that binds itself to a reliability rate and is straightforward about its on-time ranking. Don't gamble with your time! Choose a company that knows to value it.


Customer Support

Secondly, choose a ground transportation service provider that accepts making reservations, draft a written program for the event and also confirms the details well in advance. The ground transportation’s employees who manage your event must be responsive and reactive to the many possible scenarios that often occur, even when you have the most accurate plan, and it's perfectly carried out. Take into consideration the fact that plans often change!


Vehicle Options

Think about what sort of cars you need. Do you need sedans for every guest or limos and vans for bigger groups? Or you require a combination of sedans, limos, and SUVs? Opt for a company that provides premium vehicles, high-quality service and can fulfill all of your particular transportation needs. Keep in mind that one size rarely fits all!



It's recommended to search for a service provider that can personalize packages for its customers based on their needs and budgets. Decide if you need the vehicles to be on call for the entire event or available just for drop-offs and pick-ups. Also, establish if people can wait to be driven to a location or does everybody need to go at a moment's notice. We recommend only employing ground transportation companies that have plenty of experience in managing events and will ensure real-time tracking of the rides taking place.


Availability Worldwide

No matter if your event takes place in NYC or Dallas, you need to rely on a dependable car provider. Only by choosing a car service with global coverage can you be sure you’ll be offered the same level of constant and reliable experience no matter where your event is being held.

Any event can run smoothly and be a hit with the proper preparation and planning. Don't you want, on an important day, not to worry about whether you and your guests will arrive on time? Have you thought about the impact that a reliable and professional ground transportation can have on your event? Make sure to apply the tips mentioned above when choosing a vehicle provider and observe your guests have an unforgettable experience.


MTC Limousine & Corporate Coach

Providing services in over 550 locations all around the globe, the MTC Limousine & Corporate Coach Global Service Program is the answer to everything you may need. You can count on us to putt services, vehicles, rates, meet and greet capabilities, client profiles, directions, addresses and billing requirements in place for all your chauffeured ground transportation needs, also including out of the city group conventions or meetings.

Regardless of the number of participants, you can confide in MTC Limousine’s experienced meeting & event experts to deal with every aspect of your ground transportation, from preliminary planning through reservations, on-site coordination, quality assurance, traveler communications and the analysis and information management instruments to ensure budget and service performance.

MTC Limousine is focused on providing systematically superior service that will surpass even the most pretentious expectations. By always going beyond our limits and paying an exceptional attention to details, we guarantee you always travel safely, confidently and comfortably.

Having an extensive experience in the ground transportation business, MTC Limousine offers elite ground transportation options for all our customers' travel needs.

Register your request right away via our Online Reservations System or by contacting us directly at 1-800-682-1112.

Posted on Jul 26 2016

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