5 Simple Tips for Business to Be, as Well as Look, Green


Many businesses have adopted commendable environmentally-responsible practices that they don’t get any reputational credit for, or worse still could stand in line to be embarrassed on this issue at some future point. This post gives you some simple ideas to demonstrate you mean what you say. Incentives Just as most energy efficiency measures save money in the longer term, they require an investment up front. Your state may well offer all manner of tax deductions or credits, that can off-set the up-front costs on green projects. This could make the whole process much more attractive and such application is documented proof that you’re doing things to help. Transparency Words like “green” and “organic” are used a lot these days – clients take an active interest and people feel passionate about them. They are often however, regulated so don’t mislead people as this – it could lead to embarrassment and reputational damage. Check out the Department of Agriculture (http://www.nal.usda.gov/afsic/pubs/ofp/ofp.shtml) for the official answer on what “organic” really is. Permission Most businesses need environmental permits – from state and local level – to operate, not all have them. By ensuring your business has the necessary permits no one can accuse you of not walking the walk. Ditch paper use Cutting down on paper can have a big effect: according to a recent study the average worker consumes more than 10,000 sheets of paper every year. You can cut down paper use by encouraging/enabling tablet use or digital reference material. What you must use, be sure its double sided and afterwards recycle it. Nothing stands out more than a self-professed green company that sends out volumes of useless paper. Update policy Potential clients will look at your environment policy of evidence that you’re serious about these matters. Even if it’s perfect but not been updated for several years, your credibility could suffer. A quick update will solve this. As an organization dedicated to providing sustainable ground transportation solutions in the New York and New York metro area, we can provide you with world-class sustainable ground transportation to support your business. We operate a high tech fleet of low carbon footprint vehicles and have the goal of driving a new transportation revolution in sustainable and environmentally aware transportation and would love to be your responsible ground transportation partner. Call us today to join the transport revolution.

Posted on May 21 2014

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