5 Tips for Boosting Attendance at Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate events are considered one of the bastions of our modern business world. No matter if it’s a training seminar or a trade show, a corporate event can be an invaluable asset to a savvy business owner. Ultimately, the success of any corporate event comes down to attendance so, without a full room of guests, no business event will reach its maximum potential. Which leads to the following question: “How can you boost attendance for your next business event, without maximum financial effort?". There are some tips that can help any business event planner get the desired result for their next corporate occasion. These tips are easy to be applied and should become a standard part of any corporate event planner guidebook.


#1 – Location, Location, Location

The first tip may seem to be obvious, but it worth repeating it. The location you choose for your event can have a clear impact on the number of guests who will attend. You may want to organize your marketing seminar or trade show in an exotic setting, but that may make it difficult for the attendees to arrange it into their tumultuous business schedules. Keep in mind that most of your guests will have business responsibilities of their own that they cannot abandon so lightly, even if your event might seem profitable. When organizing a business event, pick a venue (and implicitly a location) that is central to the majority of your attendees. If out of town guests will be attending the event, choose a place that is close to various excellent hotels and restaurants, so it is more convenient for everybody.


#2 – Easier Registration

Registration for any business event can sometimes become tiresome and difficult. The easier you can make the registration process, the more likely it is that people will want to attend the event you organize. Giving them the possibility to register online will make it much more accessible for guests to RSVP to your invitation. Furthermore, if you are charging an attendance fee for your event, this online registration will make it easier for attendees to buy tickets and confirm their participation. In case you are having guests from out of town, think about linking your registration site to local hotels, so it will be easier for your visiting guests to find suitable accommodation.


#3 – Leverage Social Media

Promotion is everything when it comes to gaining attention and boosting attendance for a business event. It's a known fact that one of the most cost effective ways of promoting an event is with the help of popular social media platforms. For instance, think about setting up a Facebook business page for your event and creating an event that people can like and follow. This will raise people’s interest for your future event. Also, if your business has a Twitter presence, you can initiate a hashtag (for example, #mymarketingseminar) for your event that gives attendees the possibility to communicate with each other and also with the event organizers. By doing this, your event will have an active presence on social media while also garnering your potential guests' attention.


#4 – Incentivize Your Event

Nothing boosts attendance for a business event than offering an attractive incentive for the attendees. This can be represented by anything, ranging from a celebrity speaker or performer to a raffle or a benefit package for the guests. The idea is to include something that is particular to the event to encourage potential guests to make an effort and attend. Incentivizing your event will most likely mean an extra financial investment, so the trick is to counterbalance the cost of your incentives with the potential return on investment for your business event.


#5 – Bonus tip: Provide Group Transportation

MTC Limousine‘s group and meeting professionals know that the transportation provided to meeting & event guests often sets the tone for an entire program and determines the value of an event. We know the importance of providing our passengers with impeccable and efficient service. We offer you solutions that unite the gap between the logistical part of your program and the importance of achieving your event objectives.

We concentrate on your needs, design the transportation solutions that meet your objectives and, every single time, deliver the best value for every dollar you spend. No matter if we are providing solutions for a small group of people on the West Coast, a big group of 200 in Dallas or even simultaneous international events in Geneva, Dubai and New York, MTC has the experience and the expertise to ensure successful results.


Program planning, management and on-site coordination of all services

Local supplier selection and contract negotiation to ensure the best value possible

Site and attendance analysis to maximize vehicle utilization and budget

Arrival and departure services to ensure exceptional first impressions

Integrated global transportation services for smoothly operated programs


Whether you are planning for 10 or 10,000 participants, count on MTC Limousine’s experienced meeting & event experts to deal with every aspect of your ground transportation, from preliminary planning to reservations, traveler communications, on-site coordination, quality assurance to the analysis and information management tools that guarantee budget and service performance.

Remember that boosting attendance is paramount if you want to get the most out of any business event. For the occasion to be truly successful, it needs a full complement of guests. These are only a couple of the methods through which event planners can increase attendance for their event and create a more successful outcome.

Posted on Jun 28 2016

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