5 Trends in Corporate Events for this fall

One of the best ways to make a name for yourself in the event industry is to self-educate and always be on trend. You don’t want to waste your time following fads that never amount to much but staying up-to-date on what clients are interested in, or better yet, offering them trendy options before they’ve even heard of them will keep in the top.

Some of these trends are already here and some are just starting to hit. Take a look at what it could mean for your event business:


Facebook Live is not only receiving a lot of notoriety because it’s one of the hottest launch from the largest social network in the world, but it’s also becoming incredibly important for visibility, which we’ll get to in a second.

Facebook Live allows you to broadcast live on Facebook with just your smartphone. You can broadcast for up to 90 minutes. After your broadcast ends, Facebook makes the video available in your stream and you can adjust viewing permissions.

Facebook also gives live video preference in streams over other content so if you’ve noticed your Facebook reach slipping this is a great way to counterbalance that. Remember you can use it but so can your attendees. Think of creative ways to encourage broadcasts and you’ll increase your word-of-mouth marketing.

Virtual Activities

Two words – Pokémon Go. Sometimes you go to bed never having heard of something and the next day, even your 90-year-old grandmother is talking about it. Pokémon Go is all the rage topping app download lists, causing servers to crash, and still people are crazy excited about virtual check-ins and their progress.

Go-type apps have seen some popularity in the past in the forms of Four Square and geo-caching but Pokémon Go may now be ushering in a new type of check-in game that can be used with events. They’re incredibly popular, get people talking, and use game motivation to inspire actions.

Personalized Offerings

While personalization is hardly a new trend, as data gets more and more sophisticated and easily attainable, we’ll see event planners use it as a way to predict interests and shape offerings. We reported on this idea two years ago, but since then the data correlations that can be drawn using existing software have increased.

Data scientist will become an additional responsibility for event planners. Those who use data will look like wizards and those who chose not to pay attention to trends and patterns in the data will be left wondering why their post-event ratings are so low.

Personalized Marketing

Data will be used to customize offerings and sessions, analyze ideal locations, and sell more tickets. It’s already helping savvy event planners cut costs in advertising by finding their target audience through actions and activities people are posting about. Personalization continues to play a large role in targeted landing pages. These will also increase in number and event planners will coordinate with marketers to construct individualized landing pages based on action history.

The Facebook Pixel is also helping planners retarget visitors to their website for a more customized approach to marketing. The ability to recognize a warm lead, one that has shown interest before through a visit or a click, will increase attendance and help event planners conduct virtual one-on-one type marketing to visitors. Past actions will continue to influence the marketing message visitors see, for greater conversion rates.

Smarter Emails

Email marketing is a strong tool for increasing attendance and event planners are using it to create a much more personalized marketing campaign based on past activity and data. Blanket emails, one-size-fits-all, will put you at a disadvantage in today’s personalized environment. Drip campaigns based on activity are slowly becoming the norm and emails will continue to be shaped by potential attendee activity on a more regular basis using triggers. Did the potential attendee just visit the event site or pose a question on social media? If you don’t know yet, you will have access to this information shortly.

Group Transportation

Offering group transportation for attendees it’s not a trend it’s a necessity.

MTC Limousine knows that successful meetings and conventions depend on thoughtful advance planning and the necessity of flexibility to accommodate unexpected situations. We understand that transportation between event sites and hotels must be both flexible and dependable and we are experts in managing meetings and conventions transportation solutions.

MEETING & EVENT SERVICES - Equipped for Small Meetings and Large Conventions

For meetings of 20 to 200 attendees, our fleet of coaches will be at your service, piloted by professionally trained chauffeurs ready to accommodate the needs of your meeting attendees. Count on us for the management of all your transportation needs from getting your attendees to the right place at the right time, to shuttling too social and off-premise functions at multiple venues, and returning to hotels at the end of the day. We offer all more that group transportation:

  • Site and attendance analysis to maximize vehicle utilization and budget
  • Local vendor selection and contract negotiation to ensure best value possible
  • Integrated worldwide transportation services for smoothly operated programs
  • Arrival and departure services to ensure that first impressions are always exceptional
  • Program planning, management and on-site coordination of all services

Book your request today via our Online Reservations System or by calling us directly at 1-800-682-1112.

Posted on Oct 04 2016

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