5 Useful Tips on Staying Safe when Traveling at Night

It can’t be denied that traveling outdoors at night is more hazardous than traveling when the sky is still bright. However, fear of crime should not deter you from enjoying yourself outside when the sun sets. There are several ways you can prepare yourself for any eventuality, and we’ve listed down the important ones for you to remember and practice:


Tell Someone Where You’re Going

For someone to be able to help you, they’ll need to know some specific details, so always do yourself a favor by alerting someone to your whereabouts. Before you leave the house, inform them of your intended journey and also give them an estimate of when you expect to be back home. You can also add on to this safety procedure by just texting them or giving them a call when you’ve arrived at your destination.


Charge Your Phone

Our phones are one of the best tools for communicating across long distances, and it’s going to help you get out of a sticky situation too. Just ensure that your quick dials are filled with people or parties you can reach out to. Before leaving the house, it’ll also be good to get your phone battery charged to a decent level. However, if you’re rushing, you can always make do with a portable power bank instead.


Walk and Talk with Confidence

Your entire demeanour and attitude speak volumes, and it’ll affect any possible attacker the same way. Rather than hunching your shoulders and looking down at the ground when you walk, lift your head up and walk with your back relaxed and straight instead. One way to build your confidence is to know exactly where you’re going and what you can do in a situation, so do be prepared.


Carry Your Keys

When you’re able to get in and out of your home faster, you’re also less likely to get attacked. However, if you end up fumbling just finding your keys, card or remote control, it’s a sign to any potential attacker that they’re more able to overpower you and gain control. Another method for fast entry works if you’re not staying alone. In this case, you can always alert the other person in the house to open the door for you just as you’re arriving.


Travel with Other People

Great friends mean great company, but rather than just considering the social and emotional aspects that you can benefit from, there’s also safety in numbers. Having even just one person accompany you back home can sometimes be enough to deter assailants, but if you can get a whole group to see you safely indoors, you can definitely feel reassured that things will go a lot smoother and easier.

Even with all these precautions set in place, you might not always have someone to see you home safely, especially if you’re the last one to get dropped off in a group. Instead of taking the risk (which you really shouldn’t), it’ll be a much better idea to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride home with our New York car service instead. Our chauffeurs are some of the best drivers on the road, and you can be assured that they’ll always see you safely indoors wherever you go. Count on the best limo service NY has to offer.

Posted on Sep 11 2018

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