5 Ways to Improve Your Rest on the Airplane

limo service NY, westchester limoOne of the worst problems associated with both business and recreational travel is the jet lag and the exhaustion. Seasoned travelers, however, have some methods that they use to ensure that they get a good night's rest wherever they're going.

1. Dress Warmly, Regardless of the Weather

Unless you're someone who gets warm easily, you'll likely find the airplane a little chilly once you've been up in the air for a couple of hours. The temperature will often feel even colder than it actually is because you aren't moving around--and those thin blankets certainly don't help.

2. Don't Take the Coffee!

It's easy to be tempted into a coffee or a soda when it's the only thing you have to do, but avoid it at all costs! This will just give you jitters. Instead, request fruit juice or something else that can keep you occupied.

3. Bring a Neck Pillow

Neck pillows fit around your neck to keep your head in a comfortable position as you rest. Not only does this help you sleep during long flights, but it also helps you avoid waking up with a painful crick in your neck. As an additional bonus, slapping on a neck pillow will tell the person sitting next to you that you're not in a chatting mood!

4. Put Some Music On

Pop in the ear buds and put something relaxing on. This will drown out the sounds of the plane, including crying babies and drink service carts. Consider using noise isolating ear buds if you want an even better rest.

5. Make Sure Your Seatbelt is Locked and Visible

If you don't want to be woken up every time the plane hits turbulence, make sure that you lock your seatbelt and ensure that it is visible over your clothes and your blanket. Otherwise the attendants will have no choice but to wake you up each time to make sure that your seatbelt is fastened. Don't blame them--it's regulations.

Studies have shown that it's best not to interrupt your sleep schedule if you're going to be away for less than a couple of weeks; if possible try to continue going to sleep at the same time that you did at home. Thanks to hotel blackout drapes, this may not need to be difficult!

Posted on Jul 10 2014

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