5 Ways to Reduce Stress While on a Business Trip


There are very specific risks of stress overload in connection with business travel. The combination of working long hours on a plane, getting little sleep, running to one meeting or business dinner after another, eating unhealthy foods, not getting adequate exercise, and missing time with family is enough to stress anyone. The good news is that even though business travel and stress go hand-in-hand, there are options to make things better.

Reducing Stress

Top medical and mental health professionals agree that business travelers experience added stress. If you spend a good deal of time working away from home, below are five ways to reduce stress.


  1. Pre-Check Flights—When flying for business, reduce stress by signing up for pre-check security clearance. This eliminates the need to remove your jacket, belt, or shoes. In addition, you are not required to take liquids out of your carry on luggage or a laptop computer from its bag. Because you spend less time in line, the security process is easier, which provides you with more time to relax before boarding.


  1. Lighter Packing—Something as simple as packing lighter helps reduce stress while traveling on business. For one thing, there is less risk of lost baggage, and you also avoid being bogged down with multiple pieces of luggage while trying to make a tight connection and spending valuable time in baggage claim. Instead, choose a well-made carry on and garment bag, containing only the clothing items needed.


  1. Rely on Technology—You can simplify virtually every aspect of business travel by using modern technology. With different mobile apps, you can book your flight and hotel, schedule a meeting, make dinner reservations, locate a fitness center or nearby park, and more. The right app also helps you manage important travel documents as well, including boarding passes, Visa, and passport, among others. There are even mobile apps for scheduling a chauffeured sedan, with guaranteed pickup time and full price transparency.


  1. Invest in Healthy Decisions—Although challenging, it is essential that you take care of yourself while on business. Make sure that you choose healthy menu items, drink plenty of water, and get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Focusing on your health will help you will feel better physically and concentrate on critical business matters.


  1. Mental Relaxation—Various techniques reduce stress through mental relaxation. For starters, adopt a different attitude about spending so much time on the road. Rather than dreading your next business trip, think of it as an adventure of sorts. Then, set time aside each evening for meditation, reading, or doing something else that calms the mind.

Easy Transportation

A great way to feel less stressed while on business travel, while also taking advantage of an opportunity to be productive, consists of hiring a limousine company to have a chauffeur serve as your transportation.

Posted on Nov 13 2015

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