The 6 Most Popular Restaurants in New York

New York is an amazing city with countless opportunities for adventure and experience. One of the most fascinating phenomena is the great food. The city is filled with beautiful restaurants serving exquisite meals. Since these restaurants are numerous, our car service in NYC will tour you around the city. Enjoy our safe, luxurious and comfortable services. As you tour this big city with our NY limo service, consider some of these restaurants.


As you walk in this restaurant, have a pleasant walk on the concrete floor in the dining area. Their menus are simple one-page and easy to glance. Lilia stands out from other restaurants because the chief chef is the owner. She takes her time preparing meals for her customers. Madam Robbins is a talented chef, and every customer appreciates her work. Eating at this restaurant gives you an experience of quality and first-hand attention from all the service men and women in this restaurant.

Mr. Donahue’s

The serene atmosphere and attentiveness at this restaurant are irresistible. They create the theme of the environment, which is welcoming and appealing. People continue to enjoy their meals and social time as they are soothed by soft music. Couples may choose to slow-dance to the music too. Lighting is also comfortable, neither too much nor too dim. Customers are free to sit and relax anywhere.


The dining areas are spacious, with fresh air flowing everywhere. The staff is also efficient in their services. Since it is a French restaurant, it has a broad collection of French wine. However, contemporary options are also available if you prefer them. This restaurant is suitable for those times we wish to change our normal routines. It is fun sampling food from another culture. Enjoying a French dish is refreshing, and it breaks the monotony of fast foods people eat daily.

Le Coq Rico

The founder, Antoine Westermann, seemed passionate about poultry and hence, he focused on it. Le Coq Rico offers a broad range of bird meat such as chicken, duck, and squab. The main dishes are from chicken meat. He procures old breeds, which are allowed to grow older than usual. Due to this originality, it makes Westermann’s delicacies special and with a deep flavor.


Remarkable dishes yet pocket-friendly prices can be found in this restaurant. Greg Baxtrom has always been working hard to ensure that this is the philosophy at Olmstead. It is a convenient place to enjoy a wide variety of meals at any time. Dishes cater to both vegans and customers wishing to eat meat. As customers unwind, they may choose to visit the garden and enjoy drinks as they socialize with each other.


This is a restaurant meant for dove meat lovers. They are carefully prepared and served in mouth-watering ways. This is an exciting idea, especially for people who like change. It could also work well for those always afraid to try something new. The restaurant has a lounge for relaxation as people enjoy their meals. Alternatively, the dining room is also available.

Posted on Jul 11 2017

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