7 Items People Always Forget When Packing (And How To Replace Them Cheaply)

business travel, packing, business, travelWe've all been there. You make a list, you check it twice, you pack three days in advance -- and yet you still forget something. Here are some of the most commonly forgotten items... and the easiest ways to replace them.

  1. A toothbrush, toothpaste or razor. These items are commonly forgotten because you use them directly before packing them. Call down to the front desk and ask for a shaving kit or a toothbrush kit. Most will have them for a nominal cost (or even free).
  2. Power cords and chargers. Many people with iPhones will remember the actual charging unit but forget the USB cord, or vice versa.
  3. An umbrella. This one simply slips the mind of most people, especially when they are coming from an area that has warm weather. Whatever you do, don't purchase an umbrella! You can usually borrow one from the hotel -- or from a chauffeur.
  4. A belt. In the old days, no one would ever end up anywhere without their belt. But the problem today is that the TSA requires you to take off your belt -- so many people forego wearing one at all. If you're not going to wear your belt, remember to pack it! A local big box store should have much more affordable belts than stores near or inside of hotels, so plan accordingly.
  5. Feminine items. These are extremely forgettable; don't forget that stress can bring on "that time of the month" and flying is inherently stressful. Most public restrooms will have supplies enough to tide you over to the next store.
  6. Credit, cash and debit cards. In all the furor, it can be easy to forget that travel in most destinations requires that you have a diverse mix of payment options. At minimum, you should have at least a Visa, MasterCard and cash -- an American Express can be helpful when traveling abroad. If you can't find an ATM where you are, buy something small from a store and ask for cash back.
  7. Medications. Whether you're taking medications just recently or have been taking them all your life, they're very easy to forget. Like hygiene items, the reason medications are often forgotten is because they are usually taken just before you finish packing. To replace medications cheaply, contact your pharmacy and ask to have them mailed to you. This will give you your ordinary pharmacy rates with your insurance included, even if you're currently abroad.

Nothing is a substitute for preparation. Though you may be able to get anything you need at your destination, it's still much better to have it all with you from the very start. So begin making your list now... and checking it twice!

Posted on Oct 17 2014

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