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7 Reasons Why Your Attendees Aren’t Loyal

Posted on: August 30th, 2016 by admin

Do you dream of having more loyal participants to your events? Do you consider recruiting a new type? It’s probably not them; it might be you.

Increase the number of attendees who constantly frequent the events that you organize by asking the questions mentioned below.

There’s no doubt that any event planner strives to attract more loyal participants to attend his recurring events. It’s less expensive, and it requires a lot less effort to reach a return attendees. Additionally, a loyal attendee will often do some of your marketing for you through verbal referrals.

It doesn’t matter how captivating your event is; it’s a known fact that nearly 10% of the participants won’t attend the next year’s edition, due to issues outside of your control, such as budgets, conflicts in scheduling, or simply not being able to take time off.

On the other hand, if you are faced with a diminishing return rate, it’s time to investigate if there is something else going on other than “natural” causes and ask yourself if you could do things differently.

A lot of reasons may have an impact on conference returns and have nothing to do with your skills as an event organizer. But don’t rush blaming your attendance problems on tighter budgets. Stop for a moment to reflect. Below are some questions you can ask yourself to realize if it’s your fault or theirs.



Think about it: looking at the marketing materials and implicitly at the venue, are your potential attendees excited or turned off by it? The setting and the city that hosts the event should make people want to attend, not immediately reject your invitation. Often, people think of this conferences as a partial vacation, therefore, they bring guests with them, since 50% of their expenses are already paid for. So, if the venue is not vacation material, it’s advisable to reconsider it.



It’s only normal to want your attendees to return. But there’s a problem with large masses of people: they tend to group and then stick with those they know. As a consequence, first-time participants can experience difficulties in making connections. Lots of times, people return to conferences for the sake of the people they have met and enjoyed being with, previously. Therefore, you should know that your first-time attendees are less likely to return if they can’t socialize and meet people.



Try not only to keep in touch with them but also make them feel as being part of an elite group of former guests. If you make them feel special, they’ll want to carry on with that role.



If your guests aren’t permitted to have some spare time during the day, they won’t have the chance to socialize and enjoy the so-called “hallway track.” Don’t plan too many activities or else your attendees won’t be able to truly enjoy themselves.



Having bad staff can turn your great event into a hospitality nightmare. It’s important to tell your hospitality vendors to inform you of any issues before they evolve into large problems. Only this way you can ensure that everyone has a great experience.



Unfortunately, not many event planners pay special attention to vegetarian meals or other special needs. Therefore, their solution is to simply remove the meat from the dishes provided to everyone else. It’s not very polite to make a guest’s preferences seem an inconvenience, something that bothers you. We consider that people with special diets deserve to be treated equally to everybody else and be impressed by their meal as well.


Just remember the fact that they can’t have gluten (don’t make them feel uncomfortable making them ask or by verifying it in front of everyone) and give them the spectacular dessert that will make the rest of the guests jealous.

Another important aspect is the following: if you serve alcoholic beverages, expect people to savor them. Therefore, think of your guests’ safety and offer them a chauffeured ride back home or to the hotel.



Don’t forget to make people feel appreciated. So, thank your guests for attending your event and the sponsors for their generous contributions. Keep in mind that by being gracious and welcoming, people will want to repeat the experience next year or when attending another of your events.

Return attendees are the target of any event planner. To achieve it, you must organize an amazing event, in a dreamlike location, have entertaining activities and add the personal touches that make every guest feel special. This doesn’t sound too hard, does it?


We are Client-Orientated. Count on us to always deliver meeting and event solutions that guarantee that every operational or financial objective is met and each of your attendees has an exceptional experience. We add value. Our worldwide services and fleet ensure maximum flexibility to meet the changing needs of each of our passengers, planners, and executive staff, regardless of their destination.

MTC Limousine’s group and meeting experts know how meeting & event guest transportation can influence the tone for an entire program and indicate the value of an event. We understand how important it is to engage passengers with efficient and impeccable service. We always offer solutions that connect the gap between the logistical features of your schedule and the need to achieve your meeting objectives.

We concentrate on your needs, always struggle to come up with the transportation solutions that meet your objectives and deliver nothing else but the best value for every dollar you spend. No matter if we are offering solutions for a small group of people on the West Coast, a large group of 200 in Dallas, or simultaneous international events in Dubai, New York, and Geneva, MTC has the knowledge and experience to always provide a successful outcome.

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