All You Need to Know About Throwing a Great Company Christmas Party

Throwing a great company party isn’t just as simple as inviting everyone and hoping for the best. In fact, you’re going to need to bring out all your people management and party planning skills in order to pull it off successfully. Christmas parties are one of the best ways to celebrate the holidays and thank everyone, and it’s also a great solution for boosting morale and improving everyone’s mood before the year ends. Of course, you’ll want to throw a fun and inclusive party, so we’ve given you some useful tips to help you get started:

Decide on the Details

What’s a party without the details to help make it a great one? Don’t wait till the last minute to confirm important details such as the date, venue, guest list, budget, activities, and so on. Get everyone to contribute their ideas by activating their creative juices! Surprise parties are one thing, but when people feel involved in the decision-making process, they’re more likely to enjoy the outcome.

Get a Theme Going

It’s going to be a rather chillier Christmas this year, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting an exciting theme going for your bash! Get creative and choose something that ties the season and the company together. There’re tons of ideas to choose from, be it an all-white affair, a whimsical tone, and even a full-on costume gathering. Just make sure that the memo gets out on this so everyone can join in the fun.

Learn from the Past

There are good parties, great parties, and also bad parties. That’s not to say you should be stressing out about accommodating everyone’s wishes because that’s going to be a hard one to accomplish. However, it’s always good to take note of how previous parties had worked out and learn what made a good memory and what can be improved on for this year’s bash.

Teamwork is Important

When you’re planning something that involves different people and departments, working on your own isn’t exactly the best idea. Rather than running the whole show on your own and feeling stressed out, why not learn to delegate? One of the best ways to distribute the workload is by forming a party committee with a representative from each department. Find out who does what best and you’ll soon have an efficient process up and running.

Allow Time for Socialization

Planning an itinerary filled with fun activities is pretty much expected, but don’t just fill the event to the brim. It’s a great time for different departments to mingle and get to know one another. When you feel more comfortable and familiar with those you work with, you’ll naturally feel more like a family instead of a robot working in a factory. Don’t you want to know who you’re working with?

Rewarding Everyone

Gatherings such as this provide the perfect opportunity to reward and recognize everyone’s hard work and contribution. Public acknowledgment serves to boost company morale and encourage employees, and it can be done in the form of bonuses, physical presents, and even speeches.

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Posted on Dec 04 2018

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