Best Phone Apps for the Airport

MTC Limousine has grown into its niche as a provider of quality chauffeured transportation since 1986. We remain one of the companies supplying service to over 550 cities globally due to our adherence to keeping up with the changing face of information relay. This longstanding activity requires that quality real time information on airport data remains up to date with the latest technology. Our chauffeurs realize that your schedule permits no error in reaching the airport in a calm, relaxed state of mind, and we train our chauffeurs on using the apps that guarantee successful trips to and from the terminal. Here are a few ways that our chauffeurs provide stellar service to our clients.


First, a New York car service using cutting edge technology such as MTC Limousine does guarantees that our chauffeurs use smartphones to coordinate with our clients' arrivals and departures. This is particularly important to maintain our reputation as one of leading limousine companies in the Tri-State area. Anyone searching "limo service new york" on the internet learns that MTC Limousine tracks flights and wants to know how. One of the apps is called FlightTrack, by Mobiata. FlightTrack relays information not only on arrival and departure times, but when a plane will take off and land. Airport gate, airplane type and scheduled flight time show up clearly. Once in the air, FlightTrack displays flight speed, baggage claim number and present altitude. You may even look up weather conditions at each arrival and departure city. The app provides a satellite view with weather radar data for the ultimate in planning. FlightTrack's ability to track international flights even when outside the U.S. places it near the top of our list of reliable apps.


Next, Flight Status by FlightMeMe suits travelers to a tee via color coordination. The traveler walking at speed through a crowded airport this app that updates using color as a tool with red flags for delays and green flags for ontime and early flights. Flight Status displays the delay in minutes, shows gate information and expected baggage carousel number. A bonus to the app is that you may search for all flights from an individual airport and your itinerary zips from your phone to a friend via email.


By using apps to coordinate our services with our clients, MTC Limousine remains one of the top transportation companies around. We meet you in the baggage claim area for domestic flights, and we meet you outside of the custom area for international flights while displaying a sign showing your name. If you travel a few times yearly or much more, MTC Limousine is the company to use our fleet of sedans, SUVs, vans, mini-coaches and luxury motor-coaches. Our Lincoln Stretch Limo provides elegant transport for six to eight passengers for a wedding party up to a customized tour of the city by our well-informed chauffeurs. Take a moment now to decide that MTC Limousine commits to caring about you and your travel plans and book our services today.

Posted on Jan 24 2017

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