Your Best Travel Outfit Essentials for Flying

Remember the last time you felt comfortable and relaxed on a flight? Although a lot of it has to do with your seating, temperature, and overall environment, you can also make sure to dress comfortably.

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If you're thinking of dressing comfortably on and off the plane, here are a few tips you can depend on to make that happen:

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Since our feet are an extension of our bodies, it makes sense to keep them comfortable as well. Try to avoid heels as much as possible as it keeps the back of our heels elevated for an unnecessarily long period of time. This, in turn, restricts good blood flow to our feet and increases the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. Opt for flat and comfortable shoes like sneakers and also shoes that you can slip on and off just in case you want to tuck your legs under you for a while.

Get Lots of Pockets

Pockets really are useful. Not only do you get to easily access something without having to rummage through a bag full of other items, you’ll also get a nifty slot to put your hands in for a bit of warmth. Certain outfit choices provide you with plenty of pockets (e.g. travel jackets and cargo pants). About the only thing you’ll need to remember is to ensure that the available pockets are reasonably sized to fit your items. You also wouldn’t want to fully load up your pockets as that might make for an uncomfortable flight.

Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

You’re going to be sitting down in your own seat for the whole duration of your flight. Unless you’re in a rush to a formal event or meeting once the plane touches down, you should opt for more comfortable wear. Loose fitting clothes definitely rank top of the list. This doesn’t mean you’re going to end up looking frumpy and disheveled. Look for natural materials that hug your body in the right areas and are also loose and soft where you want your skin to breathe more easily.

Opt for a Long Jacket

A long outerwear is always useful. First of all, it covers almost the entire length of your body and provides a certain amount of protection from the elements. Secondly, it also helps to pull your entire outfit together for a more polished look. Lastly, you can always roll it up and use as a pillow on your flight or take it off to cover your body like a blanket.

Choose Clothes with Minimal Buttons & Accessories

It’s annoying to realize that the pair of pants you loved so much ends up being a pain in the ass (literally) when you spend hours sitting on the back buttons. For long haul flights especially, try to wear clothes with minimal buttons and other protruding elements as they can end up being a nuisance. Instead, go for plain and simple t-shirts and cotton legwear to feel comfortable for the duration of your flight.

Posted on Oct 17 2017

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