Business Travel: 5 Relaxation Apps for the Busy Executive

westchester limo serviceAs a top executive, you probably deal with a lot of stress during your business travel. Unfortunately, the more stress you face, the more difficult it becomes to be effective in your job. Working long, hard hours takes its toll over time. If you need ways to unwind and refocus, you can consider any of these five relaxation apps designed specifically for busy executives.

Top-Rated Mobile Applications for Relaxation

Each of the apps listed work on a variety of mobile devices. In addition, these relaxation apps are extremely easy to download and use. Best of all, they get positive results.

  1. Buddhify Meditation heals and promotes relaxation. However, as a busy executive, finding time to meditate is often a challenge. With Buddhify, all you need is a little quiet time to complete self-guided sessions. Whether used between meetings, while walking or jogging, at lunch, waiting for a flight, or after returning to your hotel, you will soon feel more relaxed. The possibilities with this app are virtually endless. 

  1. Calm – Although this app is subscription based, it is a worthwhile investment. The mobile app works by calming the mind through self-guided sessions, along with premium programs that bolster confidence, sleep, and focus, and meditation music tracks. Included are seven steps of Calm, seven guided relaxation sessions that last between 2 and 30 minutes in length, 10 gorgeous nature scenes, 50 premium programs, and 16 relaxing music tracks.

  1. Simply Being – Of all meditation apps, this is one of the most popular. With this app, you choose from meditation sessions that are 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes long, with or without nature sounds and music.

  1. Equanimity – Using this app is another great way to relax. This all-encompassing meditation application will exceed your expectations. The app features a journal for writing ideas and thoughts, a timer, open-ended sessions, badge icon reminders, and graphs and analytics that show daily progress.

  1. Omvana – You should also consider this relaxation application, based on the Silva Method of meditation. This particular app boasts a massive collection of tracks and meditation sessions. The app features an Omvana mixing board for merging tracks, 1,000 top-quality music tracks, sleep enhancement sounds, narrated lessons and guides, and much more. 

Limo Transportation for Decreased Stress

In addition to using meditation apps to achieve relaxation as a busy executive, you can also hire a limo company for ground transportation. With this, you have the ability to sit back and relax while your chauffeur drives you to various locations.

Posted on Oct 14 2015

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