Business Travel Tips for Employees With Disabilities

Traveling with a disability for business travel can be a little tricky, but it's definitely not an insurmountable task. It simply takes some advanced planning. Here are a few tips for disabled employees who want to take an exciting trip, whether domestic or abroad.

1. Always Arrive at the Airport Early

If you need assistance to walk, such as a walker, wheelchair or scooter, you should always arrive to the airport early so that you can go through the security screening. Whether fair or not, TSA screenings usually take much longer for those who are disabled. This is because the TSA prefers to scan disabled individuals manually.

2. Ask for An Escort During Connections

Do you have a tight connection? Make sure to call in advance so that someone will be waiting to escort you from plane to plane. Having an escort will ensure that you don't miss your flight: they will hold it for you while you traverse the busy concourse.

3. Arrange for Ground Transportation to Meet You

Not all taxis are handicapped accessible and it may take a while for the company to send one. Public transportation can be even more difficult in many areas. Arrange for a car service in advance to ensure that you can get where you're going. A handicapped accessible car service can be used for the duration of your trip and can be scheduled so that you never have to wait for a ride.

4. Contact Hotels, Restaurants and Event Locations

Inquire with any hotels, restaurants or event locations that you know you will be visiting as to their handicapped access. If you're traveling abroad, the venue in question may need to make special arrangements; they may not normally be handicapped accessible. Even locations that do have handicapped access may need to give you specific information about where to go and how to get there.

The most important component to traveling with a disability is simply to make sure that you have everything setup long before your actual trip. As long as you make the appropriate arrangements, you should be well on your way to a productive journey!

Posted on Jul 23 2014

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