Business Travel Tips: Working with Millennials

limo service westchesterMillennials are people who reached adulthood around the year 2000. These individuals now make up a significant portion of the workforce. They are vibrant, hardworking, and determined. Among millennials are entrepreneurs and new business owners eager to succeed.

Because millennials operate differently from people from other generations, some people find them a challenge to work with. Understanding the things that drive millennials will make the workplace a much better place. Here are our best business travel tips for working with millenials:

Making Things Work

  • Response – Millennials typically respond to lightweight signals, which are short conversations that provide feedback. For example, instead of a lengthy end-of-project review, millennials respond better to multiple mini-reviews throughout a project. 

  • Facilitate – With millennials, things will go better if you are a facilitator as opposed to a dictator. When dictated, the average millennial will balk. To these individuals, it is better to work on tasks as a team rather than have one person in charge barking out orders.

  • Training – The world in which millennials are raised is extremely complex. With a vast number of resources, innovations, and inputs, things become overwhelming. Because of this, millennials love training and the ability to learn new skills.

  • The Why – The one thing you will hear from millennials more than anything is “why.” Because these people grew up around technology and innovation, there have an instinct to want to know why things are the way they are. Rather than this be an annoyance, it should be reinforced since millennials are truly interested in knowing more.

  • Challenge – Due to the way millennials have been raised, they have the ability to figure things out quickly. If presented with something that is dull and boring, a millennial will struggle, but if given a challenge, you can expect this person to excel.

  • Expectations – With millennials, you have to be perfectly clear on what you expect. However, when laying out your clear expectations, take a minute to ask a millennial what is expected in return.

  • Fun – Millennials tend to be highly competitive. Sometimes, this creates a tense work environment. To relax the atmosphere yet challenge millennials, bring some fun into work. This could consist of setting up a Ping-Pong table or having monthly contests. 


Even for transportation, millennials know how to be smart and do things in style. As a millennial, it is important that you find ways to stay productive, relax, and reach a destination at the same time, which is why using a limousine service makes perfect sense. With a chauffeur, you can accomplish several goals at once. At this point in your life, you know what you want, striving daily to achieve the goal.

Posted on Sep 23 2015

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