Business Trips Don’t Always Have To Be All About Business

If you plan on going on a business trip, then consider mixing in a little fun along the way. After all, the chance to go to some places only happens once in a lifetime. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to mix pleasure with fun. This is especially true if you are coming to New York City.



New York City might be the shopping capital of the whole word, so hire ground transportation in NYC to get you where you want to shop in a luxurious fashion. If you are a fashion guru or want to become one, then head to the shops of Fifth Avenue. Amazing discounts and cheap souvenirs await shoppers in the Financial District. Find a piece of art to adorn your office wall on Manhattan's Lower East side.


Attend a Sporting Event

Splurge for a box seat at a sporting event when you visit New York City. Take a client with you, and you may even be able to write it off your taxes. The New York Jets and the New York Giants both play at MetLife Stadium while the New York Yankees often hold slugfests at Yankee Stadium.


Experience Life Entertainment

The chance to see life entertainment brings many pleasure travelers to the city. Since you are in New York anyway, take in some for yourself. See a show on Broadway, watch some comedy at an improvisation club, hear a concert at Kennedy Center. The city is full of many great choices.


Eat in a Restaurant

Airport food is notoriously bad, so make sure to skip it by eating in some of the hottest new restaurants in New York City. Try the new Vietnam cuisine at Hanoi House or the Au Cheval burger at 4 Charles Prime Rib. Alternatively, try one of New York City’s historic restaurants like having a great steak at the Palm or the eggs Benedict at Delmonico's.


Visit a Museum

The city has so many unique museums it would be impossible to visit them all. Most are constantly changing with rotating exhibits. The American Museum of History traces the evolution of 1,500 animals over the course of 3.5 billion years. Learn how 7,000 immigrants to the United States lived with a visit to the Tenement Building. View over 1,500 pieces of art at the Museum of Modern Art. Visit the only museum in North America dedicated to math with a visit to the Museum of Mathematics.


View NYC Unique Architecture

Even if you do not get out of the limousine, New York City has some unique architecture everyone needs to see. See the Van Cortlandt House Museum where President George Washington stayed at least two times. View the Chrysler Building is an amazing example of Art-Deco architecture. Think about history as you view where the World Trade Center once stood. Appreciate Gothic architecture by seeing the American Radiator Building.

Our car services in New York will be glad to take you where you want to go. Our professional limousine chauffeurs may even be willing to share some of their favorite things to do in New York City with you allowing you to easily mix pleasure with business.

Posted on Feb 07 2017

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