Carry On! The Best 4 Carry-Ons for Business Travelers

Although everyone has a different opinion of “best” four carry-ons in particular rank high on the list of possibilities. With increasing prices for oversized or overweight luggage, business travelers are looking for a carry-on solution that provides ample space and a sophisticated aesthetic.


Choosing the Right Carry-On


Before shopping for a new carry-on, consider some important factors that will make the selection process easier. For example, think about how often you travel, how long you generally stay out of town, the amount of items you typically need, and whether you check luggage, as well the type of clothing you pack, how much organization you need, how important security is, and so on. Being honest about your needs will help you choose the best carry-on for your business travel.


4 of the Best Business Traveler Carry-Ons


With a carry-on, airport check-in is a breeze. A carry-on also prevents you from standing in long baggage claim lines and makes getting in and out of a New York limo easier. Of course, when you hire a reputable New York City car service, the chauffeur will gladly assist with all your luggage pieces.


  1. TravelPro Platinum Magnum 222-Inch Expandable Rollaboard Suiter—One aspect of this carry-on that makes it so unique is the ability to pack clothes for a five-day trip. If you travel often or take long trips, this carry-on is ideal. In addition to being wellmade, this carry-on is roomy, stylish, and affordably priced.

  1. Kirkland Signature Upright 21.5-Inch Carry-On—Another exceptional buy is this carry-on by Kirkland. Although slightly heavier and larger than some of the other top-of-the-line carry-ons, this product is still a great choice. This carry-on offers ample interior room, a stylish exterior, and several key amenities that business travelers appreciate, including a removable garment bag, easy-riding large-diameter wheels, and several storage pockets.

  1. Briggs & Riley Baseline International—If you want to invest in a higher-end product, this carry-on is perfect. Along with being durable and reliable, this carry-on is designed with extra features designed specifically for business travelers. There is a wrinkle-resistant suit compartment, built-in garment folder, strong zippers and wheels, exterior handrail tubes, retractable and collapsible handle, and more.

  1. TravelPro Crew 10 22-Inch Suiter—The TravelPro Crew is also a great consideration. Although more affordable than the Platinum Magnum, this carry-onstill offers a Worry-Free Warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship, a supportive inner frame, spinning wheels, bag hook, and ample interior space.


Choosing the Right Ground Transportation


Just as you want to purchase the right carry-on for your business travels, you need the right ground transportation. You may be surprised to learn that hiring a New York limo service is extremely cost-efficient, while at the same time, stylish, comfortable, convenient, and safe.

Posted on Mar 08 2016

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