Charging Up: How to Stretch Your Battery Life When on the Go

westchester limo, limo service westchesterIt's been an exhausting day, but it's almost over. You jump into the back of the car and prepare to send off some extremely important last minute emails. But what's this? Your battery is almost dead! It happens to the best of us; sometimes we forget our charger, sometimes we just stay out longer than we should.

Turn Down the Brightness

The brightness of your phone's screen vastly affects its battery life. Turn the brightness all the way down to preserve it -- you might have to strain a little to view your text, but at least your phone will be on! Many phones also have a "high contrast" mode. Turning on the high contrast while simultaneously turning the brightness down may make it easier to read.

Switch to Airplane Mode

Your phone has an airplane mode, which switches off most of its non-essential services. Now, you can't send emails or call people while in airplane mode, but you can still do other things such as draft emails or read documents. Consider switching to airplane mode any time you don't need an active voice or data connection so that you can conserve power. You'll find that your phone seems to last almost forever when it's on airplane mode.

Turn Off All Your Apps

Smartphones today can't help but multitask -- it's likely that you have quite a few applications open even if you don't realize it. Take a look at the apps you have open and close all of the apps that you aren't actively working on. All of these will tax your phone's power and (consequently) your battery life. The newest versions of iOS and Android OS can even tell you how much power each app is draining.

Switch Off the Bluetooth

If you aren't using it, it shouldn't be on. This includes WiFi, Bluetooth and any other connections. Only allow the essential connections that you need to complete your work -- such as your 4G or LTE connection. These can usually be found in the settings of your phone. While these connections are enabled, your phone will be automatically searching and scanning to see if there are connections available -- and this takes up valuable battery power.

Don't forget that if you're using a chauffeured service, it's more than possible your chauffeur has a charger that will fit your phone. If your battery percentage is creeping downwards, don't be afraid to ask! And if you find that this is a recurring problem, you may want to invest in a portable charging devices. These devices can charge a phone without having to be plugged in.

Posted on Nov 13 2014

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