Chauffeur Advice: Ways to Reduce Stress on Long Drives

limo service westchesterMore than anyone, chauffeurs understand stress while driving. In their position, drivers often take passengers on long trips, so to be safe and reduce stress, they have discovered some very helpful things.

Less Stressful Driving

  • Better Planning – To avoid heavy traffic, areas of construction, and getting lost, good planning is everything. By planning out the route well in advance, you have the opportunity to look at a number of routes and choose one that will get you to your destination on time, safely, and without undue stress. 

  • Extra Time – For whatever reason, some people do not allow themselves adequate time when driving. The result is a lot of unnecessary stress, not to mention the risk of road rage from hurrying and cutting in and out of other vehicles. When planning your next long road trip, build in extra time. While this might entail getting up an hour earlier, it will pay off in the end. You will find yourself far more relaxed, making it possible to actually enjoy the trip.

  • Snacks for Energy – You should also have healthy snacks and bottles of water on hand. In addition to keeping you alert as you travel, by fueling the body, irritability is reduced and time saved from stopping.

  • Entertainment – If traveling with children, appropriate entertainment is imperative. If your vehicle does not have a built-in television, you might invest in one designed for car travel. Other electronics, like a tablet and iPod, are also beneficial. In addition, have plenty of books, handheld games, and other favorites to make the trip easier.

  • Technology – Modern technology can make your next long trip less stressful. For example, a GPS or built-in navigational system will keep you on track while helping you avoid delays. Different vehicle safety features are also beneficial, including lane-detection technology, car and pedestrian alerts, backup camera, and so on.

  • Stop and Rest – If you begin to feel stressed, pull over and take a 15-minute break using some of your extra time. Sometimes just stretching and getting fresh air is all you need.

Hired Transportation

For most people, these and other suggestions help tremendously in reducing stress, but if you struggle with long trips, perhaps you should consider hiring a chauffeur. A professional limo driver is actually more affordable than you imagine. By having someone with solid experience behind the wheel, you can relax.

Posted on Aug 26 2015

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