Choosing the Perfect Ground Transportation Service for Your Meetings, Groups and Special Events

New York is a blend of history, art, culture, cuisine and fascinating locals. Many of us dream of visiting The Big Apple so we can admire its gorgeous architecture, relax in one of the many beautiful public parks, find a great restaurant, or discover great places to go shopping.

For other people, New York represents the business destination on their executive trip, where they have to attend seminars, meetings or business dinners while remaining productive throughout the entire period spent here.

New York is also considered the perfect place to host a special event, be it corporate, casual or the biggest party of the century. You have plenty of locations to choose from and lots of caterers to ensure that everything goes smoothly and your guests are pleased.

When organizing such an event, don't overlook the importance of providing adequate transportation for your group throughout their time spent in the city. If you can't decide what to choose, we’ve listed a few tips for your convenience.


Assess The Company’s Fleet

First of all, it's important to know your group’s size and their expectations. If they prefer a more luxurious transportation experience for an equally luxurious event, you should only interview companies that possess stretch limousines, specialty cars or other equally luxurious vehicles.

If you’re dealing with a large group, you’ll have to make sure that they have motor coaches, mini-coaches, vans or other vehicles suited to transport a larger number of people comfortably. It's imperative to get an exact headcount as it will help you select adequate vehicles for your event's transportation needs.

Don't forget to take into consideration the amount of cargo space and how much time your group will spend on the road. A longer commute may make an on-bus bathroom essential, and a longer event may imply that your group comes with sizable luggage they’ll need to transport. Find out the details and then book accordingly.


Check the Company’s Insurance

When choosing a car service provider for your event, the topic of insurance should be another huge concern to bring into the discussion. In case the company you select doesn’t have the appropriate amounts of insurance on each of their vehicles, think about the fact that your group can experience a really unpleasant situation if something goes wrong during their time using the respective company’s cars. Investigate the required insurance for each type of car to be prepared when you interview various companies for their rates and other information about their fleets.


Check the Company’s Customer Service Standards

We firmly think that customer service standards weigh heavily when choosing the suitable company for a job as the chauffeur's behavior towards them will surely influence their overall opinion of the event itself.

Therefore, it's vital to choose a company that hires professional chauffeurs who know very well the NYC traffic patterns and street system, who have customer service experience and are committed to upholding their company’s standards and business practices. Don’t settle for anything less, like a company that hires contracted drivers who don't have a real partnership with the company itself. Your group deserves only the most professional, efficient and experienced provider.


Organizing an NYC event doesn’t have to be a stressful task; if you choose the right venue and the best car service provider, your group can't have anything else but a splendid and memorable time in The Big Apple. What you only need is to be informed and do a little research.


MEETING & EVENT SERVICES – Helping you to deliver the best attendee experience possible

No matter the number of participants attending your event, confide in MTC Limousine’s experienced meeting & event specialists to take care of every aspect of your ground transportation. They supervise everything from preliminary planning through reservations, on-site coordination, traveler communications, quality assurance and the analysis and information management tools that guarantee budget and service performance.

MTC Limousine clients choose us because we have an extensive experience, a variety of services, an impressive fleet, and we carry a $10 million in liability insurance to ensure the protection of our passengers and their families in case something goes wrong.

We promise to use our experience, commitment and focus on quality, to offer the finest chauffeured ground transportation services worldwide.

MTC Limousine is committed to providing consistently superior transportation service that will please even the most demanding customers. Rest assured that we always give our best and pay attention to every detail to ensure your safe, comfortable and relaxed transportation.

Posted on Jun 07 2016

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