Corporate Event Guide: How to Turn Attendees into Happy Guests

There are lots of things that can influence a guest’s impression about your corporate event. It's not enough to hire a captivating speaker or to debate a popular topic. So what's the key to success? How can you capture the attention of your guests and get them excited?

We bet you haven't thought that the solution is that simple: try to boost the event experience for the participants!

Just implement these rules, and your attendees will always return for more!


Communicate Only Essentials

Don't complicate the invitation; make sure to keep it brief and simple. Mention the five important W’s: who, what, when, where, and why of the event. But don't forget to add a link for those who want further details. Potential guests need these five pieces of information to evaluate and decide whether or not they are interested in attending the event, within seconds.


Have Ample Space

It's difficult to maneuver multiple things at once, like a briefcase, a computer, and beverage through a tightly packed crowd. Therefore, you should make sure there is enough space for people to move and socialize. It's advisable to choose a room layout that allows your guests to circulate with ease. Think about it: would you stay in narrow, crowded and uncomfortable space longer than you must?


Assure Accessibility

Right from the start determine who your target group is. The second step is to choose a venue that can be easily reached by the majority of potential attendees. People have lots on their mind so don't forget to send a reminder to those who have registered, also specifying details about accessibility. A nice gesture would be to save your guests some time by offering  chauffeured group transportation options instead of driving directions or parking information. Imagine how stressing it is to arrive late at an event and to top it, to find out there's no parking available! Even worse is not being able to enjoy a drink or to be forced to carpool, once the event is over.


Provide Refreshments

An essential detail, especially for evening events, is to offer some refreshments to your corporate guests. The long meetings and the effort to stay within the deadlines are time-consuming, exhausting and we often find ourselves tired and hungry at the end of the day. So, it's recommended to offer some caffeine and a sugar boost, even BEFORE the evening’s presentations begin. It's much easy to pay attention when you have a clear mind and a full stomach! Also, offer refreshments during the informal part of the evening, so people won’t be forced to leave the event early to get hydrated.


Assure Visibility & Audibility

Have you experienced the situation in which you are sitting in the audience and you can't hear a single word uttered by the speaker or see the statistics on the slides? This mistake is the one reason for which at least a quarter of attendees might leave a presentation early, no matter how captivating the topic is. You can avoid this from happening if you ask your technicians to make sure the A/V set-up is flawless! Your guests must see every image and hear every word, no matter where they are seated. This way, you can keep your attendees captivated and actively participating, which is an absolute must for any corporate event.



Encourage Networking

Networking is an essential aspect when attending discussions, presentations or any other similar official events. Make sure that you have people who can assume the role of introducing guests to each other to facilitate communication. Keep in mind that your guests want to socialize with their peers, but always desire to meet the speaker(s) face to face. Arrange this by previously briefing your speaker(s) and planning some networking time for your expert(s) after the presentation.


Follow Up

Don’t leave things unfinished. Maintain contact with your event’s participants right after the event is over by offering them materials related to the event: an abstract on the topic of the evening, a collage of event snapshots, a link to the YouTube video of the presentation, a collection of Thanking attendees for attendance with personalized email presentation slides, or a list of additional materials on the topic. Ask people to give their feedback and use it to make future events even more captivating.


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Posted on Jul 19 2016

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