Corporate Events: The Importance of Group Transportation

Planning a corporate event is stressful, from the first step to the last. Finding the right venue, choosing the right décor, selecting a satisfactory caterer and coordinating your attendants’ travels are just some of the aspects you must juggle when preparing to host such a large-scale event.

In a city like New York, you have tons of options for venues and caterers, and the city offers many opportunities for sightseeing, historical education and memorable experiences for your group. However, the dynamism of the city doesn’t remove the inevitable possibility of traffic congestion, confusing street layouts and challenging navigation, especially for group members who have never visited before.

One thing that many event planners overlook is the importance of acquiring and planning the transportation for their group. Here are a few reasons why group transportation is vital to a successful corporate event.

Group Transportation is more suited

When it comes to getting around an unfamiliar city, few things are more frustrating than being stuck in a traffic jam, not being able to find parking and being late to an important meeting or presentation.

For groups in New York for corporate events, the traffic equation becomes even more fraught with opportunity for delay or issues. With larger groups of people, coordinating efficient transportation is difficult enough without worrying about cost and having enough room for luggage.

By booking a versatile chauffeured mini coach or a luxury coach, you can accommodate your group easily, have room for their luggage and ensure that each person has reliable transportation throughout the corporate event’s duration.

Chauffeurs: An Asset with Immense Value

Having a chauffeur is another great aspect of group transportation for your corporate event. Your chauffeur must be a local expert, and he will make your group’s experience as streamlined and effortless as possible. With prompt pickup and drop off times, attention to detail, and great customer service, your chauffeur will ensure that your group has what they need throughout their trip.

Group Transportation: No One Gets Left Behind

If you’re like most event planners, there was an event in your past wherein you had booked separate vehicles to transport your group throughout the event. Inevitably, at one presentation or another, one group’s transportation was off-schedule, and they ended up arriving late or missing the event completely. Unfortunately, this is a common truth of transportation for large groups when they are traveling separately.

Acquiring transportation that allows your group to travel together, as a motor coach would, will ensure that they all arrive at their various destinations as a unit. This helps diminish the likelihood of late arrivals, lost group members or other frustrations that can and will arise during the group’s corporate event experience.

When a group is attending a corporate event, it’s important that they’re able to focus on the content of the event, its speakers and the networking opportunities available. Not having reliable transportation is one way to detrimentally affect a group’s experience at a corporate event; this is why booking reliable group transportation that can accommodate each member of your group is vital to a successful event.

Helping you to deliver the best attendee experience possible


We are Client-Driven. We are dedicated to delivering meeting and event solutions that ensure every operational and financial objective is met and every attendee experience is exceptional. We add value. Our global services and fleet provide maximum flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of each of our passengers, planners and executive staff no matter where in the world their travel takes them.

MTC Limousine's group and meeting professionals recognize that the transportation provided to meeting & event attendees often sets the tone for an entire program and defines the value of an event. We know the importance of engaging passengers with impeccable service and efficiency. We provide solutions that bridge the gap between the logistical details of your program and the importance of achieving your meeting objectives.

MTC ensures your group transportation is always handled professionally by:

  • Site and attendance analysis to maximize vehicle utilization and budget
  • Local vendor selection and contract negotiation to ensure best value possible
  • Integrated worldwide transportation services for smoothly operated programs
  • Arrival and departure services to ensure that first impressions are always exceptional
  • Program planning, management and on-site coordination of all services

We focus on your needs, develop the transportation solutions that meet your objectives and deliver the best value for every dollar you spend. Whether we are providing solutions for a small group on the West Coast, a group of 200 in Dallas, or simultaneous international events in Dubai, Geneva and New York, MTC has the expertise and experience to ensure successful outcomes.

Posted on May 31 2016

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