The Corporate Travel Manager's Crash Course in Networking Events

Even if you are an extroverted professional, you might discover that networking events can be quite stressful. We usually avoid position-specific networking events and move towards co-workers at meetings. Mark Hunter, a sales and prospecting expert, assures us that we can get rid of the nerves by introducing ourselves to the host and then identifying another person to approach as soon as we walk in the door. “This will help keep you in the right frame of mind as to why you came," he stated. Regardless of your motivation for attending a professional gathering, we have gathered some basic tips so that even the shyest corporate travel manager can make a good impression.



Whether your goal is getting a new position, a new assistant or new vendors, we advise you not to make the search your primary goal for the entire evening. Just think about what you can give others through dialogue and constant contacts. Are you valuable because of your many years of experience managing the needs of the executive class? Are you renowned as being a hard negotiator? Think about the fact that you can significantly increase your charisma by using this event as an opportunity to improve the professional lives of others. Nellie Akalp, CEO of advises the professionals: “Change [their] mindset. You’re not there to get.”



Never let people see your desperation. Nor admit that you’re seeking a new position or anything else at the very beginning of the conversation. Just try to be an active listener and to ask questions. Hunter tells us it's best to maintain eye contact only for 3 to 5 seconds because otherwise, you might seem overly eager.



Stiff conversation is the source of persistent annoyance even for the experienced and very extroverted networkers. You can't avoid it, so the secret is to frame your questions as open-ended queries. For example, instead of asking “What industry is your company in?” ask “How has your industry changed over the years?” It's important to keep the conversation flowing and discover newfound connections beyond small talk.



It's not abnormal to have a glass of wine at networking events. But try not to drink too much and then discover there’s nothing to eat. Mashable, the multi-platform media and entertainment company, issued a report revealing that people tend to overstep their limits at work gatherings more often than at private parties or bars. So, try to set a limit right from the start and do not exceed it, no matter what everybody else around you does.



Most of us find it difficult remembering the names of new acquaintances because of the loud background volume and the number of people you meet in such little time. Try to confirm their name immediately: “Is that Mara?” Or use it again quickly to settle it in your memory.



It's quite possible that you've experienced coming home from networking events with lots of business cards and not knowing with whom to maintain contact. Your dilemma will disappear if you will take notes on the respective cards or purchase a business card annotating app, at the next meeting. Make a few brief notes about the connection. If you make some short notes, you will give the impression of being engaged with your new network. Hunter states: “If you do this while you’re still talking to the person, it will help convey your sense of personal connection.” It's also wise to write down if you want to schedule coffee, lunch or an information interview with the respective person.



You should establish a follow-up plan regarding how you’ll approach the people you've met during the event. If you decide to have lunch or breakfast with some of them, immediately set a date in your agenda. Also, add all the contacts into LinkedIn and send them a note mentioning that you met at the networking event and that you were delighted to make their acquaintance.

Don't treat all this as being an uncomfortable engagement. Keep in mind that a corporate travel manager’s success is heavily influenced by the strength and extent of his network. So, make it your objective to expand yours for the future.



Whether you attend or plan a networking event, confirm that you have a reliable partner to count on.

If you are a guest to an event, make a stylish entrance and don't worry about parking or driving.

If you are organizing a special event, ensure your guests' safety at all times.


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Posted on Aug 23 2016

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