Don’t Sacrifice the Fundamentals for the Details

agenda, list, items, business, time managementFor people who have to make decisions and get things done, one of the hardest aspects to master is ensuring that you have the fundamentals of a problem right before you think about details.

A simple example from warfare that illustrates this point is the Battle of Britain. Back in WW2, Hitler had defeated France and only had to defeat Britain to become the master of Western Europe. The English Channel was in his way and the Royal Navy was capable of defending it. This was no problem because his air force could sink those ships but Britain also had an air force. There was a lot of detail in that description; the fundamental was the British Royal Air Force. This is where the Nazis should have focused their efforts (they started here but got distracted bombing London). This example is applicable in so many real life situations, as this blog post will show.

Don’t get distracted

Most of us have a large amount of email correspondence and so many minor tasks to achieve every day that amount to enabling activities. Concentrating on the fundamentals would look like focusing on the things that make the most money or are most critical – having understood how issues are interconnected. The mountain of email needs to get actioned but first ID the fundamentals in it and attend to these first.

Set the agenda

Have you ever noticed how in meetings the debate will revolve around really small issues; things that may only make a few percent difference? If you can set the agenda with fundamentals, people will be talking about the right things and how to do these right, rather than how to do marginal issues better.

Avoid comfort zone-issues

A common reason that people go straight for details while missing the big picture is that most of the time these issues are safe and easy – the comfort zone. We deal with things we understand and are used to; this is human nature. This is fine but we need to spot this tendency in our self and make sure it’s not pulling us away from the fundamentals.

MTC Limousine is a sustainable ground transportation company based in the New York and New York Metro area. We hope that this information is of interesting to our customers; we know that you are constantly high performing and motivated exceptional individuals. We have the fundamental goal of driving a new transportation revolution in sustainable and environmentally aware

Posted on May 07 2014

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