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Don't Waste Time Packing These Unneeded Items for Your Next Trip

limousine service NY, westchester county limo serviceIndividuals who travel frequently on business usually wind up developing lists to help them pack items for different types of trips. This is good for speeding up the process and will definitely help you avoid forgetting something important. However, it’s worth knowing which items are better to leave at home instead of cramming them into your already overstuffed luggage. 

For example, do you sometimes just throw the toiletry items from the counter and cabinets of your bathroom into your luggage? That’s a waste of space. And if you try to put these in your carryon luggage, you can count on the good folks at the Transportation Security Administration taking items that are too large (too many ounces of liquid). 

It’s best to get some travel-sized toiletry bottles filled with your favorite brand name products. You can also purchase small empty bottles and fill them from the large containers at home, noted a recent article at Road Warrior Voices.

Leave the jewelry at home. Generally, it’s prudent to always keep valuable or irreplaceable jewelry items at home. Otherwise, you risk wasting time searching for them if they go missing during the trip. Bring inexpensive accessories that you won’t mind losing.

Do you still carry around printed books? Unless they are unavailable in digital format and are of vital importance to your business plans, it’s best to keep these heavy stacks of paper out of your luggage. It’s much more convenient to load an e-reader or even your laptop or tablet computer with e-books.

There is no reason to pack a bulky hairdryer. You can still look your best by borrowing a hairdryer from the front desk at the hotel if there isn’t already a hairdryer in your room.

Are you the type of person who carries as many keys on your ring as a security guard? Before you head out on your next trip, bring only the keys you must have (home, business and vehicle) and you will lighten your load.

Sometimes it can be hard to really figure out what items you must bring with you on business trips and which items you can opt to pick up at your destination. The team at MTC Limousine hopes that these tips will help you pack more productively and keep your luggage lighter.

Posted on May 20 2015

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