Essential Smart Casual Pieces for the Modern Man and Woman

You’ve finally got your hands on a few smart casual essentials for your wardrobe. That can range from outerwear and innerwear to bottoms and shoes and any accessories we prefer to adorn ourselves with. The tricky part to pulling off a smart casual ensemble is in figuring out which pieces go well together and what to avoid at all costs. Let’s take a look at some smart casual dressing style pieces for both men and women:



Choosing the Right Knitwear

 Wearing something comfortable is definitely alright. Just remember to choose a knitwear option that’s more slim fitting. If you’re going for a more elaborate pattern on your jumper, do tone down the rest of your outfit to match.


Outerwear Essentials

 You’re not going for a formal look, so skip the tuxedo and over-the-top navy blazer. Instead, opt for a Harrington or bomber jacket to get just the right mix of class and edge.


Getting the Right Material for Your Tie

 Silk ties are a no, no when it comes to dressing in a smart casual manner. Since ties make a sharp turn towards formal, you’ll want to avoid that by buying a knitted version to turn the tone too casual.


Not All Shoes are Included

 Definitely do not wear your sports sneakers. Not only does this instantly cheapen your entire look, it’s also not going to serve you well if the occasion becomes more formal. A good choice to adhere to is a versatile pair of dress shoes or boots.


Don’t Just Wear a T-Shirt

 Any t-shirt with a collar instantly presents a smart figure. This can mean either a spread collar or a button-down collar, both of which are perfectly alright. You’ll also want to avoid short sleeves as that looks entirely casual and inappropriate.



Invest in Smart Bottoms

When in doubt, go the smarter route. This means sticking to neutral or dark-colored pants and skirts. Just remember to get a slim-fitting pair that accentuates your body in all the right places.


Choose the Right Top

 Tops are a little more of a gray zone, and it usually depends on the bottoms you choose to wear. If you choose to wear a colored bottom, tone down your shirt or just opt for the color white. Likewise, if your bottom is dark-colored, you can always go for a top with more colors and prints.


The Safe Route: A Dress

 One of the safest choices for women when it comes to smart casual wear is dresses. Since it’s a one-piece choice, you can easily dress it up with accessories and an outerwear or dress it down with the same category of items in a different style. About the only thing you’ll need to remember is that the hem should fall just above the knee for a more professional look.


Choose a Good Blazer

 A smart and slim-fitting blazer can work wonders for any outfit choice you have. Have a low-cut dress which otherwise looks fantastic on you? You can always wear a blazer that buttons up more appropriately.


Consider Wearing a Belt

 This is not usually a necessary item, but it can give your style a boost. You can easily use it as a statement piece or just to give your entire outfit a necessary change of texture to keep things interesting.

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Posted on Nov 14 2017

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