Essential Tips for Group Travel

Group travel can be a lot of fun when done right. However, it is often very stressful and can easily become a nuisance. Here are some tips for making group travel go as smoothly as possible.

1) Pack Lightly

If you are traveling in a group of ten, then there will be ten times as much luggage as you would have traveling alone. Make sure you pack lightly to make everything less cramped and cumbersome.

2) Listen to Your Tour Guide

Your tour guide will help you soak in all of the cultures and even help you learn a new language. Make the most out of your trip by listening to fun facts and history and practice the new words you learn. It will make your trip a lot more fun than zoning out on the bus. You also won't miss important information like when the bus is leaving the hotel the next morning.

3) Hand Out Responsibilities

What strengths do your group members have? If one can read a map, then they are in charge of navigation. If another is well versed in transportation, then they are responsible for getting the group a ride with the help of our New York ground transportation service. If one of them speaks a foreign language, then they are in charge of communication. Assign roles according to strengths, and everything will go much smoother instead of just confusing chaos.

4) Keep the Schedule Lax

Even if you could hit ten museums in one day without breaking a sweat by yourself, chances are your group members cannot, especially together. Groups move a lot slower than individuals. Keep the schedule relaxed and do not get upset if you have to skip a few things.

5) Have Regrouping Destinations

Chances are the group will split apart at times, which is perfectly fine. Keeping everyone together will drive everyone crazy, and chances are half of your group will be unhappy with the activity the other half wanted to do. Instead, make sure everyone has charged cell phones on them and establish regrouping destinations and times, so everyone will find each other again.

6) Get Group Discounts When You Can

Many tourist destinations will give discounts to large groups. Make your money go further by taking advantage of them when you can. You may have to purchase them in advance, but it will be well worth it.

7) Schedule Plenty of Downtime

Make sure there are times for naps and snacks. Being in a new place and doing a lot of new things is exhausting, especially if some of the group members are not used to traveling. Allow some time just for hanging out at the hotel so people can nap, relax, answer emails, and maybe even hit the pool. You might not be able to do as much, but it will make the attractions and events you do a lot more fun.

Whether you are in need of NYC airport shuttle services or New York ground transportation services, MTC Limousine is here to help you and your group get around the city easier. We offer quality chauffeur services and can show your group around New York City in our luxury vehicles. Why bother with the subway when you can ride in style and comfort with MTC Limousine?

Posted on Jul 25 2017

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