7 Tactics for Dealing with an Awkward Venue Manager

limo service nyAnyone who’s organized events has most likely dealt with an awkward venue manager.  It can be one of the least pleasant aspects of what is, already a stressful business.  So we bring you a short run down of seven great tactics to ensure that things go smoothly and you get what you want for the least fuss.

1.            Empathy

Seeing things from the venue managers’ point of view will help you to work out what is behind the awkward front. Remember, they’re there the whole time – you just breeze in, asking for everything and leave. Expect skepticism.

2.            Joint Decision Making

Consulting the venue manager on your key decisions will not just ensure ‘buy in’ from them but also mean you will be able to tap into their wealth of experience. It is likely that they’ve done exactly what you’re trying before; they already know the problems you’re going to encounter – so why not ask their opinion?

3.            Concede, Where Sensible

It has already been stated, but it’s their venue and they know, most of the time, what works best. A willingness to concede – on non critical issues – will buy you much good will from your venue manager.

4.            Joint Stake Holding

By involving the venue manager in minor aspects of the practical aspects of your event, like the walk around or rehearsal, you’ll gain an even stronger sense of being in it together. As above, be willing to listen to what they’ve got to say.

5.           Demonstrate professionalism

Most venue managers will have seen plenty of events and event managers. They’re probably skeptical; they’ve heard plenty of ‘concepts’ and ‘visions’ without the thought required to make them happen. By demonstrating you know what you’re doing – prepping for meetings, doing your research, etc – they will think you’re one of the good ones and treat you accordingly.

6.            Reverence

Venue managers will probably enjoy being introduced to high-profile clients, it makes them feel respected. You should include them in photos and be sure to send them a copy.

7.            Appreciation

By writing and saying thanks, you’ll preserve the, hopefully, good relationship you’re built up for when you next need it. If everyone did this, the experience of working with venue managers would be a much more pleasant one.

MTC Limousine may not be able to help you get the best out of your venue manager. We can however, guarantee that ground transportation booked with us for your event will be both excellent and pain free to organize. We are a sustainable ground transportation company in the New York and New York Metro area, which has the goal of driving a new transportation revolution in sustainable and environmentally aware transportation. Call us today to remove one more headache from your life.


Posted on Sep 12 2013

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