Executive Etiquette for Business Dinners

executive etiquetteAlthough you may take large bites or smack and slurp when eating at home, when you’re entertaining clients or colleagues during a business dinner, the rules change. In reality, the way you handle yourself during a business meal speaks volumes of your character. While good etiquette will help close deals, poor etiquette is a sure fire way of hurting the business. To start the business dinner off right, consider using a reputable New York limo service.


Top Rules of Proper Etiquette


For all business dinners, it is imperative that you master proper etiquette.


  • Be sure to arrive on time. By using a trusted New York City limo, you will be at the designated restaurant as scheduled.


  • Shake hands with everyone at the table. If unfamiliar people are in attendance at the business dinner, introduce yourself. However, if you are the host, make formal introductions of everyone in attendance.


  • Always remain standing until the host of the business dinner is seated.


  • Remember to use good posture. Sitting up straight and not slumping your shoulders is body language that represents professionalism, respect, manners, and confidence.


  • Be decisive when ordering. After learning the name of the restaurant, you can review the menu online prior to arriving. If you have special dietary needs or questions about one or more particular menu items, you have the opportunity to get answers beforehand. Being indecisive about what you want to eat can make it appear to others that you are indecisive about important business dealings.


  • Choose items from the menu that are easy to consume. In other words, avoid anything sloppy or difficult, such as spare ribs, spaghetti, corn-on-the-cob, and so on.


  • Although you would be safe drinking alcohol if you’reusing a New York limousine company, there are other risks. If are not the host and others order a cocktail, then having one drink is fine. But if you are the host, avoid any alcoholic beverage.Unfortunately, alcohol often leads to loudness, aggressiveness, or loose lips, which could be devastating to an executive dinner.


  • When at a business dinner, you never want to discuss anything controversial, such as politics or religion.


  • Never take phone calls. However, you can place your cell phone on vibrate so your significant other and/or babysitter can text a preselected code in the event of an emergency.


Depending on a New York Limo Service


Using a New York limousine company is an excellent way to get everyone to the restaurant. You can benefit from a chauffeur-driven limo alone or with perhaps just one or two guests. If you want to avoid heavy traffic and limited parking space, the chauffeur of the NY limo service has the expertise needed to make transportation convenient and stress-free.

Posted on Jan 06 2016

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