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Executive Travel Tips: Managing Your Office from the Road

Posted on: August 12th, 2015 by MTC Limousine


limo service NYCToday, a growing number of business owners and executives run companies while on the road. Because of improved computing and communication capabilities, being fully operational while away has become possible. Even if you work away from the office part-time, good management skills are imperative. Here are our best executive travel tips for managing your office while traveling.

Efficiency While on the Road

When done right, managing your office while on the road is a highly efficient way to conduct business. Some business owners and executives find they are actually more focused and productive when traveling as opposed to sitting behind a desk. To improve the way your office is managed, the following are worthwhile recommendations.

  • Cloud Software – Up to 84% of all businesses use at a minimum one cloud-based software program at the office in an effort to increase business flexibility and cut IT costs. The great thing about cloud software is that it can also be utilized while on the road. You have the ability to email, store files, and use web/video conferencing services. As a result, you can stay in touch with other executives, as well as clients, vendors, chauffeurs, and more.
  • Marketing Campaigns – To boost business, strong marketing strategies are essential. However, instead of marketing from the office, you can use highly effective online marketing campaigns. For example, marketing emails and newsletters can be produced and sent to current and prospective customers based on an established schedule. Marketing can also be performed through social media networks by adding compelling content that will be posted to your profiles automatically at regular intervals.
  • Task Delegation – During times of traveling, someone at the office needs to be designated as the “person in charge.” The challenge with traveling for business is that the window for completing work is limited. Therefore, you can delegate smaller and less complex tasks to someone at the office so you can focus on the larger and more critical aspects of the business.
  • Online Tools – To communicate with people at the office, you have a number of online tools to consider. During times of travel, staying in touch becomes even more important, so using tools like DropBox for sharing documents, GoToMeeting for holding conference calls, and HipChat to ask quick questions allows operations to continue running seamlessly.
  • Mobile Work Applications – There are hundreds upon hundreds of innovative mobile applications designed specifically for business owners and executives who travel. Using various mobile applications, you can work while traveling and never miss a beat.

To make time on the road working even more efficient, you should consider hiring a limousine driver to get you back and forth to business meetings. Having a professional driver provides you with more time to focus on work, which boosts production and eliminates stress.

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