Female’s Executive Travel Safety Tips


businesswoman texting on smart phonePeople, who must frequently travel, whether for business or leisure, often find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to personal safety. They may face a higher likelihood of being targeted by thieves, having their identity stolen or simply wandering into an unsafe part of town unawares. This post is aimed specifically at female business travelers and the more nuanced threats that they may face each and every time they travel.

Choose the right hotel

In most case the supreme consideration when choosing a hotel is a safe location. Don’t just leave this choice to the travel agent or department, ensure you research the areas and have a feel for what are the safe areas. The usual rule is the more crowded an area, the safer it will be.

The process does not stop with the hotel; you need to ensure that you get the right room. Ideally ask for a room somewhere not too remote, particularly if the hotel is a larger establishment. Some female-friendly business hotels will even try and ensure whole floors are primarily for female travelers, so be sure to ask.

Plan wisely

Another sensible measure is to take an active role in the planning of your itinerary. If you’re not comfortable with being alone late at night in a strange town, then ensure that the itinerary does not put you in this position. Once the itinerary is set, it’s wise to have a good look and make sure you know the key points. This will stop you from appearing to be too disorientated while travelling and thus from being targeted by criminals.

Get the right transportation

While it may be a surprise, choosing the right transportation option is also an important factor in ensuring your safety. Of all the options, a car service from a reputable provider is the best option. They will operate with vetted drivers and be highly aware of your needs, ensuring that pick-ups and drop offs are fully planned and will not lead to you hanging around waiting unnecessarily.

With the female traveler in mind, MTC is a ground transportation that strives to deliver both the most environmentally responsible and appropriate for a female audience, travel solutions possible. We hope that these short tips are of use and can offer one further certainty: if you need sustainable and female-friendly ground transportation in the New York area we should be your first point of call. We have the goal of driving a new transportation revolution in sustainable and environmentally aware transportation.  We’d love to be your responsible ground transportation partner. Call us on 800-682-1112 to see what we can do together.


Posted on Feb 20 2014

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