Five Travel Tips Executive Women Travelers Can Use Today

limo service westchester, NYC limoToday, more is being asked of the female executive – especially when it comes to travel. Juggling the responsibilities of the job alongside an aggressive travel schedule can be difficult. How can female executives make the most of their business travel without the stress?

We understand the common frustrations that many women face when it comes to making business travel work. Here are five tips that you can apply to your next business trip today.

Always pack a back-up charger

While it seems like a key item for every business trip, you would be surprised at how many people forget to pack their phone charger. No matter your style of travel – plane, train, or automobile – phone chargers are an essential part of any journey. Instead of remembering to plug in and unplug your charger, consider keeping one in your travel bag at all times. With a travel always in your bag, it's one less item you will have to worry about packing.

Wrinkle release spray is your friend

Even in the best laid out suitcases, wrinkles are bound to happen. When arriving late on a Sunday, there's simply no time to iron an outfit for the Monday presentation. When this situation happens to you, a small bottle of wrinkle release spray can work wonders. Simply hang your clothes in your hotel room, spray, and let sit overnight.

Program your travel provider numbers and social media accounts

No matter how well timed your plans are, all it takes is one system-wide problem to derail them immediately. When things go wrong, start with your travel providers for help. By programming the phone numbers for your travel providers in your phone, you can be one step ahead when your flight gets delayed or canceled. For bonus points, follow your airlines and hotels on social media as well. In certain situations, the person on the other end of a tweet can help faster than a travel agent.

Carry-on luggage is more reliable than checked bags

Another major problem that affects travelers is baggage loss. When your luggage doesn't end up at the end of the carousel, it can mean more than inconvenience. When the airline loses your bag, you could lose everything you planned for the presentation. When possible, try traveling with one carry-on instead of a checked bag. Carry-on luggage stays with you wherever you go, and is less susceptible to loss as you fly.

Always book your ground transportation in advance

While this may seem like an afterthought, booking your ground transportation in advance can take one major hassle out of the equation. Instead of standing in line to get a taxi, or fighting with an app, using a registered and licensed car service can make sure you get from the airport to your destination safely and quickly.

Business travel doesn't need to be a major problem. When you incorporate these five tips into your travel, you can focus on getting business done, instead of the trouble in getting there. 

Posted on Jul 09 2015

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