Gadgets to Make Business Travel Easier

westchester limo service, westchester limoCorporate travel has decreased due to the ability to hold meetings through computers and mobile devices. However, plenty of people still board a plane, drive, take a train, or hire a limousine driver to reach a destination via an executive sedan.

Unique Gadgets for Business Travelers

Regardless of the reason you travel or the mode of travel, it is common to face challenges. For example, you may feel as if you are not being productive while in route to your destination. The good news is that there are many unique gadgets on the market designed specifically to make business travel easier.

  • Portable Projector – To ensure every presentation goes off without a hitch, you can try the FAVI Smart Projector. This projector is extremely small, offers 100 lumens, and you can use Android applications, such as Chrome or Dropbox, for the slideshow without your smartphone. In addition to electrical power, the projector operates on batteries for up to two hours. To run the application, you connect to the Internet using the built-in Wi-Fi.

  • High-Speed Wi-Fi – To be successful in business, you have to stay connected. To ensure a laptop and other devices stay connected, a 3G/4G hotspot is ideal. When traveling within the United States, one of the best products is the AT&T MiFi Liberate. This gadget costs less than $100 while providing lightning-fast 4G LTE speeds. Other benefits include an all-day battery life and extremely simple-to-use touchscreen interface. What makes this gadget so amazing is that up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices can be connected at once.

  • Portable Monitor – For multitasking, a second monitor is highly beneficial. Another incredible gadget to make business travel easier is a portable monitor. With this, you have the opportunity to use one monitor for writing a great speech and the portable one for editing accompanying photos. While there are many different products available, the Lenovo LT1421 has become a top seller.

  • External Battery Power – Typically, an external battery is used to charge USB devices, but now there are gadgets capable of charging a laptop computer, tablet, cellphone, and camera. For example, the Energizer XP18000 provides 18,000 more milliamp hours of extra energy while weighing just 1.1 pounds.

  • Secure Luggage – The last thing you want to deal with is lost or stolen luggage when heading to an important meeting. Although you probably would not carry a lot of important documents with you, chances are you have a zip drive in your luggage for retrieving those documents. Every year, more than 22 million pieces of luggage are lost, so using an unobtrusive gadget that lets you know where your luggage is at all times is extremely helpful. While there are many options, Eviate eTrack is among the best.

  • Wireless Travel Router – To make sure you always have Wi-Fi while on the road, consider a travel router. There is an option from HooToo that lets you connect more than one device and works as a two-port USB charger for tablets and phones. In addition, by connecting a pin drive, files can be shared on a mini network.

  • Portable Scanner – For very little money, you can take a portable scanner on your next business trip. Epson has an amazing new model that works by connecting over Wi-Fi. This scanner can also send scanned documents to a number of services, such as Dropbox and Evernote, without needing a computer. Because the scanner is battery operated, it can be used virtually anywhere.

Posted on Jul 22 2015

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