Going on a Trip? Discover the Best Accommodations

There’s more to selecting a travel accommodation than meets the eye. It should primarily be a place to rest and store your items, but it should also provide support for your activities and fit your budget. You might already have something in mind for your next trip, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn more about our top three comfort favorites.



Finding this type of accommodation is relatively easy in most cities and towns across the world. When it comes to enjoying your stay in a private room equipped with an en suite bathroom, hotels are pretty much where it’s at. You can also look forward to room and laundry cleaning services, as well as daily housekeeping. There are also other features you can expect, such as Wi-Fi, gym, pool, restaurant, and a 24-hour front desk.


  • The luxury of convenience and comfort at your doorstep.
  • More assurance with quality control, especially with large-chain hotel brands.


  • Might seem more impersonal, so it’s not the best choice for those seeking a more culturally immersive experience.
  • Room rates will vary depending on the reputation and star rating of the hotel.


Guest Houses

Another term for this type of accommodation is bed and breakfasts (B&B). Unlike hotels, there is the option of a sharing a common bathroom, and there are also less facilities and features. The proprietor usually lives in or on site. If you’re looking for a “homey” atmosphere, you can definitely look forward to daily breakfasts in their common dining area.


  • Housekeeping is provided.
  • Proprietors are usually a good source of local information on the area.
  • Suitable for travelers seeking a peaceful and more authentic experience.


  • Not for those looking to party it up.
  • Room conditions and rates can vary depending on the proprietor.


Private Rentals

These days, there are more and more options available for accommodations, and this one provides you with the option of staying in a condo, flat, or apartment. Coincidentally, Airbnb also falls under this category. With this rental option, you can choose to have the entire place to yourself or share a sleeping space with the house’s occupants. For those looking to cook, there are even some which come with a kitchen.


  • Allows you to have a sense of a home with privacy and stability.
  • Enjoy great group rates when you split the costs.
  • The option of cooking and doing your own laundry can help to cut down on the costs of eating out and laundry services.


  • You might have to handle the housekeeping on your own.
  • For those aiming for a short stay, this might not be the best option.
  • House and room conditions can vary widely.

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Posted on Aug 07 2018

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