Group Transportation NYC Tips from MTC Limousine

When it comes to organizing group transportation for corporate events, road shows or conferences, managing the transportation needs of all the attendees can become a complicated and difficult process. To help you, we’ve made a list of the top items you need to set up, with the aid of your chauffeured transportation provider, to guarantee no one is left behind at the terminal.


Determine Whether Vehicles Can Be Shared

Depending on the professional status and the preferences of the guests attending your corporate event, it might be possible to organize shared rides. In other circumstances, it might be better to plan individual sedan service for every executive. There are multiple options available for group transportation which provide you the same luxury experience as late-model sedan service. Mercedes Sprinter vans have a roomy walkway between seats as well as elevated ceilings that allow passengers to comfortably stand up, while inside the vehicle.

If all individuals attending the corporate event are responsive to the idea of traveling together and sharing the chauffeured transportation, there are larger vehicle options, like a 55 Passenger Motor Coach, which can keep costs down while maintaining the same level of luxury.


Will Attendees Have Luggage?

Establishing the quantity and size of the luggage for your event guests is crucial to booking adequate-sized vehicles. Keep in mind that even an individual traveling alone will usually require an upgrade to an SUV if he's carrying more than 3 pieces of luggage with him. Not succeeding to plan a group’s transportation according to the amount of luggage they carry can lead to a last-minute need to find extra transportation resources.


Designate Whether Last-Minute Changes Are Acceptable

The people who attend your event may solicit changes to their itinerary on their way to the conference or the convention center. While some of them may have the authority to request changes, others might not. It’s essential to establish in advance which employees have the authority to request itinerary changes as extra mileage or stops can significantly increase the costs contracted for the journey.

If you’re organizing an event for your own employees or signing a contract to turn your chauffeured transportation needs over to a provider, it’s essential to educate the latter on your chain of command. Decide who will be able to request changes and which employees don't have the rank and the authority necessary.


Coordinate Air Reservations

Air travel can be the most unpredictable part of a group transportation scheme. It is quite difficult to establish in advance if sudden weather changes could cause mass delays. Make sure that your provider will take the time to supervise the flights so that you can focus your attention on any last-minute details regarding the event.

If you think of placing persons with the same flight times in the same corporate chauffeured vehicle, ensure that the individuals are using the same air carrier. Any delay or technical issues can lead to one plane landing first, therefore causing one group of people to be stuck in the airport, waiting for the others before they can leave the airport.


Ensure Your Provider Accounts for Traffic

A truly professional chauffeured transportation provider will always take all variables into account, including traffic patterns and possible road closures. Determine in advance if their services include a backup plan and if they ensure tracking travel obstacles before the actual journey. The traffic in NYC might be an imminent nightmare, but experienced and reliable providers should have plans for minimizing any possible delays.

Dealing with group transportation in NYC is a challenging task, but when you have the right provider, all you have to do is offer complete information on particular needs and flight schedules, and they will handle the logistics part.


MTC Limousine & Corporate Coach is your complete ground travel transportation management company. We are helping you achieve your objectives, and we always exceed your expectations.

MTC Limousine is the acknowledged leader in the world of quality executive transportation services provided all around the globe. Our fleet of late luxurious vehicles is at your disposal whenever you need fast airport car service transfers, corporate and convention shuttles or transportation for meetings, groups and special events.

Anytime your company needs transportation service for a future road show, a convention or corporate shuttle trip, you can count on our professionally trained and polite chauffeurs to always get you to your destination safely, comfortably and on time.

We focus on your needs, come up with the transportation solutions that meet your particular objectives and deliver only the best value for every dollar you spend. Whether we are offering solutions for a small group on the West Coast, a group of 200 people in Dallas or simultaneous international events in New York, Dubai and Geneva, MTC has both the experience and expertise necessary to make sure that you'll benefit from a successful outcome. We offer:

Integrated international transportation services for smoothly operated programs

Program planning, management and on-site coordination of all services

Arrival and departure services to guarantee that first impressions are always exceptional

Local vendor selection and contract negotiation to ensure the best value possible

Site and attendance analysis to maximize vehicle utilization and budget


Contact MTC Limousine today at (914) 241-9211 and let us not only meet but exceed your corporate transportation needs.

Posted on Jun 21 2016

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