How to Have a Hassle-Free Experience at the Airport

The ability to get across the country in a matter of just hours is awfully convenient, but often, the process of airline travel involves one headache after another. Although you can't control all of the little details of an airline travel day, there are steps you can take to streamline your flying experience.


Arrive Early

Lines, long walks across the terminal, and security checkpoints all feel more burdensome when they're accompanied by a sense of urgency. To avoid this unnecessary headache, get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Arrive at the airport two hours before the scheduled departure time of a domestic flight or three hours before departure time for an international flight.


Use a Car Service

Whether you are coming or going, dealing with airport parking is a pain. Despite the high price tag that comes with parking, you might not even get to park anywhere near the airport. Instead of dealing with this frustrating scenario, hire a chauffeur from our New York limousine service. Using our car service in New York is hassle-free, and your chauffeur can drop you off or pick you up near the entrance. Whether you are flying into or out of LaGuardia, JFK, or Newark, our chauffeurs can transport you in a sleek, clean vehicle with comfortable seating, GPS navigation, and a CD sound system.


Wear Slip-On Shoes

Shoes that conveniently slide on and off, such as ballet flats or boat shoes, will help speed your way through airport security. Of course, the people behind you in line will appreciate not having to wait as you unbuckle complicated footwear. Just make sure the style you choose is comfortable, too, since airports involve a good deal of walking.


Pack Smart

If you can get all of your necessities into a carry-on bag, then forgo a big suitcase. You'll skip the hassles of waiting in line for bag check and picking up your luggage at baggage claim. Plus, there will be no worrying about whether your bags will be waiting for you at your destination.

Furthermore, be prepared for security screenings by keeping your items that must be presented at the checkpoint--for example, electronic devices--in an easy-to-access outside pocket of your bag. Belts, jewelry, and other accessories that will set off the metal detectors can wait in a small baggie inside your carry-on luggage until after you're finished with security. It's also a good idea to keep all of your paperwork together in one designated spot among your gear.


Learn the Airport Layout

Consult a map to help you know where to go. There's nothing like feeling lost among the corridors of an unfamiliar airport. Whether you're looking for your terminal, baggage claim, or a restaurant to grab a meal, the map will have the info you need. A large wall map is good, but a paper one to carry with you is even handier. Print one from the airport's website before your trip.

Posted on Feb 21 2017

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