Holiday Party on the horizon? We give you the perfect transportation

Holiday parties with our colleagues and work friends can be a ton of fun. You spent the year working hard, learning new skills, or perhaps transitioning to a new role; you deserve to let loose and enjoy yourselves among your friends and co-workers.

Unfortunately, many holiday parties involve alcohol and require planning for transportation before the festivities begin.

When it comes to reliable, presentable transportation for your holiday party in NYC this year, there is no option as impressive as MTC Limousine.

Let us explain why.

Top Notch Luxury

If you’re looking to make an impression at your corporate holiday party, MTC Limousine can provide the late-model vehicle to help you accomplish that.

Especially if you’re arriving at a high-end venue or black-tie-level soiree, you need a vehicle that fits the picture and provides the presentation you need.

MTC  has some meticulously maintained vehicles that can help you arrive in style: Luxury Sedans and SUVs, Vans and Mini-Coaches and Luxury Motor-Coaches.

No matter the level of luxury that your corporate holiday party demands, MTC Limousine has a vehicle to meet those demands.

Unmatched Peace of mind

You deserve to have a reliable, foolproof method of transportation waiting for you at the end of your corporate party. Opting for things like taxis and ride-sharing services can’t provide the same level of reliability that car service does.

Especially during the holidays, transportation is in high demand. With ride-sharing service and cabs, you’ll be competing with other people for service, and there are no guarantees.

MTC Limousine is different. Once you make your reservation, you are guaranteed service when and where you need it.

The most comfortable Experience

In addition to presentation and reliability, car service also provides the comfort that you deserve.

Often, riding in cabs or ride-sharing vehicles means uncomfortable interactions with drivers or unsatisfactory vehicle conditions.

MTC strives to ensure that our chauffeurs and our vehicles meet the highest standards, to guarantee our passengers safety, security, comfort and enjoyment, no matter where the night takes them.

Professional chauffeur

Too often, we deal with unprofessional or untrustworthy drivers when utilizing outside transportation services.

When you make an effort to book with MTC, you can rest assured that your chauffeur is a consummate professional with customer service experience.

MTC Limousine goes to great lengths to perform drug tests and background checks on all of our drivers. We check our chauffeurs’ driver histories and expect the highest in customer service experience to guarantee that you receive the very best during your trip with us.

Don’t leave your holiday party transportation up in the air this year; make the impression you want to make, while enjoying the peace of mind that professional chauffeurs and guaranteed service provider.

At MTC Limousine, we use our experience, commitment and focus on quality, to provide the finest chauffeured ground transportation services throughout the world - a world that has become more challenging and demanding than ever before.

Since 1986, MTC has grown to be one of the largest privately owned chauffeured ground transportation companies in the United States. Today, with services delivered throughout the world, MTC is transporting its customers wherever they need to be anytime - day or night, in more than 550 business destinations throughout the world.

Contact us today to begin planning transportation for your corporate holiday party this year.

Posted on Nov 01 2016

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