Hosting a Business Luncheon for Potential Investors

A business luncheon is a perfect way to reveal brand new strategies, to get together with new investors or develop strong work relationships. Business owners are given a chance to boost their company's exposure, to create partnerships or to build working capital. But hosting a business luncheon isn't a simple task, and you have to treat it with the importance it deserves. It is of the utmost importance to treat any business meeting with a professional attitude and attention to detail as this event will define you, your business and your future plans as well as influence your potential investors. Therefore, when hosting a business luncheon, planning is the key whether it’s for a client or an investor.


Setting The Date

Although it might not seem, choosing the right date for your future business meeting is a crucial decision you need to make. Try to take into consideration the availability of your participants and how much travel time is involved. Harmonize your own schedule and the agenda of any speaker you plan to invite in order to avoid any scheduling conflicts. You should try your best not to end up canceling or rescheduling because your potential clients and investors will be left with a bad impression and you'll be considered unprofessional.



The majority of business owners have the tendency to host working lunches or dinners at their favorite restaurant. Although it seems harmless, the fine food and good service can also be accompanied by distractions. It is not an adequate place to do business, at least not for you. Think about the fact that the restaurant staff must take care of all their customers and cannot focus only on the potential clients and investors that you intend to impress. If you add this to the distractions caused by the other clients, then you can just imagine your guests' efforts to stay focused on your presentations.

Based on all the above, it is highly recommended to host a business luncheon at a corporate events venue, where you can get the comfort, privacy and professional service you desire. This kind of location offers more flexibility and can be personalized (decorations, furnishings) to suit the distinct needs of your group. This way, your guests will pay their full attention to your event, making it more productive.


What to Look for in a Hired Venue?

Your selection of the venue depends on multiple factors, including location, budget and the amenities available. It's preferable to rent a space that can be easily accessible to everyone because of its central location. A wide parking lot is also an important criterion, as well as the clean and presentable aspect of the property.

One of the greatest benefits of choosing a hired venue instead of a restaurant is the fact that the first one will be able to provide for most of your needs while planning a business gathering. The majority of rental venues can provide to their customers a full spectrum of business amenities, from audio visual equipment for presentations to internet connections for computer access and live streaming or even furnishings that transmit the impression of professionalism. These are all important aspects to having a successful business event.

The idea of hiring a catering company can scare lots of business owners who associate it with high costs. But this solution can be more cost-effective than they could imagine. In fact, they can collaborate with a caterer to design a menu that keeps costs under control. In comparison, when hosting a business gathering at a restaurant, no one can guarantee you that the bill won't skyrocket. There's only one way to avoid it, namely to openly limit your guest’s choices, but this doesn't leave a good impression. In comparison, with a catering service, you have the possibility to set a fixed budget, select a menu that includes limited but satisfying choices and show your guests that you've got everything under control. Don't think that finding the perfect caterer is hard work; lots of venues can offer on-site catering services at surprisingly affordable rates.


Make it easier for them, it will count

Don't forget about another essential aspect of any event planning - transportation. In case your guest/ potential investor has to fly for your business meeting, it's only polite to offer him airport car service transfer to the hotel and the venue. You will not only make a good impression, but you relieve your guest of a lot of stress, giving him the possibility to attend your event all relaxed and refreshed. He won't have to worry anymore about finding the hotel and then your event location, eliminating the chances for him to have a ‘‘not in the mood for this‘‘ or ‘‘I can't wait for this to finish‘‘ attitude.

When it comes to large groups, chauffeured transportation is always a good idea. It's the perfect solution to avoid carpooling, not being able to enjoy a glass of wine or having to stress about finding a certain location.

Whether you're planning a 10 or 10,000 people event, always trust that MTC Limousine’s experienced  meeting & event specialists can manage every aspect of your ground transportation: from preliminary planning through reservations, on-site coordination, traveler communications, quality assurance to the analysis and information management tools that ensure budget and service performance.

MTC Limousine struggles to offer consistently high-quality service that will meet even the most challenging demands. We always go the extra mile and give exceptional attention to detail to ensure your safe, comfortable and relaxed transportation.


Our experienced, polite and well-trained chauffeurs, alongside our highly equipped fleet, make MTC Limousine able to turn your special event into a truly unforgettable one.

Keep in mind that by hosting a business luncheon, you have the chance to impress a potential client or investor. By thinking in advance, by doing some careful planning and selecting the right venue, you can walk away from the meeting knowing that you did your best and that you have offered everybody a satisfying and productive afternoon.

Posted on Jul 05 2016

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