Are you Hosting a Company Holiday Party? Limit Your Liability

A bartender is legally liable for serving alcohol to a patron who becomes intoxicated and then injures a third party. Does a business face a similar exposure when it hosts a social event where alcohol is served, such as an open house, holiday party or employee picnic?

You are considered a social host if you provide alcohol to individuals in a non-commercial manner. It is important to know the law in your jurisdiction and to take the appropriate steps to control your risk.

A risk management Program begins with offering chauffeured services

An important first step in limiting liability is to implement a risk management program that starts with offering rides to the venue and back home. The program itself should outline the procedures for handling intoxicated guests.  Delegate also who will assess the situation, such as hotel security or someone from your organization, and appropriate outlining actions for dealing with or removing a guest who has overindulged.


In addition to good liquor liability planning awareness, review your company’s current general liability insurance policy to determine your coverage in social-host situations.

It’s also important to have a program in place that includes the following recommendations when working with third-party vendors.

When working with a supplier, such as a caterer or a bartender service, verify they are licensed and insured.

Stipulate in your vendor’s contract that only those who have received alcohol-awareness training should serve or sell alcohol at your event.

Encourage Employees to Drink Responsibly

Raise awareness among you employees about safety and sobriety and review the following recommended control measures: Serve drinks to guests rather than offering a self-serve bar.

Set up bar stations instead of having servers circulating the room; if offered, people are inclined to accept drinks they wouldn’t have otherwise ordered.

Place table tents at each bar reminding employees and guests to drink responsibly.

Don’t price alcohol too cheap, as it encourages over-consumption.

Offer a range of low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks at no charge.

Require servers to measure spirits.

Always serve food with alcohol.

Close the bar an hour before the scheduled end of the party.

Never raffle alcohol or hold contests that involve buying or drinking alcohol.


Hire the professionals

MTC Limousine's group and meeting professionals recognize that the transportation provided to meeting & event attendees is often on of the most important aspects

When it comes to liabilities, there are no shortcuts. When it comes to professionals choose the best. MTC's Meeting and Events Service:

  • Site and attendance analysis to maximize vehicle utilization and budget
  • Local vendor selection and contract negotiation to ensure the best value possible
  • Integrated worldwide transportation services for smoothly operated programs
  • Arrival and departure services to make sure that first impressions are always exceptional
  • Program planning, management and on-site coordination of all services

Choose MTC Transportation for you Corporate Holiday Party.

Posted on Nov 23 2016

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