How to Breeze Through Airport Security

airport securityThere are several ways to get through airport security with ease, rather than stressing about it. Using the information provided, you can spend less time in line, avoid potentially embarrassing searches, and feel more relaxed. Ultimately, you can make your way to your departing gate, where you’ll have time to read a book, work on a presentation, make phone calls, watch television, and more.


Helpful Tips for Airport Security


Whether you’re arriving via a NYC airport shuttle or limo service in NY, once you’re at the airport, the following recommendations create a completely different experience when going through airport security.


  • Good Planning—A few days prior to travel, research the layout of the airport online. Some airports offer curbside check-in, which means one phase of security is already finished. In addition, certain airports offer multiple security checkpoints. By knowing the location of each, you can choose the one with the least amount of traffic.


  • Proper Carry-On Packing—Today, airlines have strict rules for carry-on items. To breeze through airport security, make sure you pack all liquids and gels in a single zip-lock plastic bag. Most importantly, these containers must be 3ounces or less. Cosmetics and toiletries of greater volume should be packed in your checked luggage.


  • Shoes and Clothes—Even the shoes and clothes that you wear to the airport will make a difference in your experience with security. To breeze through the process, keep clothing simple, avoid a lot of jewelry, never wear a heavy metal belt buckle, and choose slip-on shoes. To get through security as quickly as possible, place your shoes and jacket/coat in one tray, followed by cell phone, jewelry, and keys in another bin.


  • Locking Luggage—Whether you’re using a standard or digital lock on your luggage, make sure you remove it before going through security. To TSA inspectors, locked luggage appears suspicious. According to current safety rules, locks must come off anyway, so to get through security quicker, takelocks off beforehand.


  • Laptop Computer and Bag—As you enter the security area, remove your laptop from the bag and place it in a bin. The bag itself will also go down the conveyor for inspection by the TSA agent.


  • Pre-Security Approval—One of the best ways to breeze through airport security is to apply for pre-security approval. This program is affordable and consists of the application, as well as background check and fingerprinting. Once approved, you gain pre-status for a period of five years to gothrough the express lane at all US airports.


Arriving On Time


The most efficient way to get to the airport several hours before your departing flight is by using the services of a NY limousine service. In addition to being affordable, a reputable NY limousine company will ensure a comfortable and safe ride.

Posted on Feb 23 2016

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