How to Get Better Sleep on Airplanes

Business travel can certainly make you weary. You often have to wake up much earlier than usual, and then after getting to the airport (preferably in the safety and comfort of a luxurious vehicle being driven by a professional chauffeur), you have to run around and endure the indignity of security checks. 

limo service NY, westchester limo, fairfield limo, limousine service westchesterThen, assuming your flight is on time, you’ll soon be able to haul yourself off of a chair in the waiting area or an airline lounge and then try and find some sleep onboard the plane.

Frequent travelers know they cannot expect that any particular flight will be uneventful and won’t be carrying a noisy baby, out-of-control kid or even a boisterous passenger who gets loud after having too much to drink. However, all things being equal, there are steps you can take to give yourself a better chance of catching some Zs while in flight,  noted a recent post at Road Warrior Voices.

In advance of booking a flight, take a moment to look online to find the best seat for sleeping. You’ll want to avoid seats close to the rear of the plane, since all those passengers traipsing back and forth from their seats to the lavatory will annoy you and keep you awake. You also won’t be bothered by smells from the microwave in the back of the cabin and sounds from the noisy beverage cart won’t be as much of a disturbance.

If you’re fortunate enough to be traveling with a companion, select an aisle seat and a window seat in the same row. This can discourage single  travelers from plopping down next to you, since they won’t want to be in the middle of two strangers.

Bring an accessory kit filled with items such as noise-canceling headphones (or some high-decibel rated earplugs) and an eye mask so the brightly lit cabin won’t keep you awake. Add a hoodie to your carry-on bag and you can roll it into a soft, makeshift pillow or even put it on backwards to block passengers from your view.

The team at MTC Limousine knows that good sleep is essential to our health and that it’s of vital importance for travelers to get the rest they need, whether on the ground or while flying across the world. If you’ve been having trouble getting to sleep on flights in the past, we hope that these tips will help you relax and get some restorative sleep, going forward.

Posted on Apr 17 2015

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