How To Get More Attendees At Your Event Booths

If you're attending an event with a view to picking up new business or developing new leads, it's likely that you've put a lot of work in. All this work will be for nothing if no one comes to your booth and you will not be able to achieve your goals. Similarly, if you're an event organizer and no one goes to any of the booths, odds are they won't be coming back next year. This post gives both parties an idea how to get people in to the all important booths.

Who are we looking for?

People only really voluntarily do something if there's something in it for them. We all know this, right? That something may be the great products and services on offer by the person running the booth. But people who already know this are either existing customers, or will already go to the booth.

There are many tactics to get those who don't yet realize the benefits in to the booth and this is the nub of the issue. Target these people.


People have very simple needs and generally if there is something good and free on offer they'll take it - countless studies have shown how people tend to overeat at buffets, for example. You can play on this by having simple but useful giveaways. This could be as simple as the best coffee in the hall to free or discounted products or services. Either way, people will come over and you'll get the attendance vital to your needs.

Let people know what's going on:

Another tactic is to let people know what the benefits on offer are. This is everybody's responsibility but is not as straight forward as giving people a list of booths. Signs are important at individual booths, and the emphasis here needs to be on what is in it for possible clients. Similarly, in guides to the overall laydown, it needs to be clear what it is that each booth is offering

Make it easy

Lastly, people do not like doing difficult or hard things. They need to have their requirements fulfilled and this is a great way of making it easier for people to actually get into booths. give them places to talk, get refreshments and sit down around the booths. Make access as easy as possible and give people signs and indications they can actually read.

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Posted on Jun 10 2014

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