How To Get Over Nerves And Deliver An Awesome Presentation

Negatives Positives Computer Keys Showing Plus And Minus Alternatives Analysis And DecisionsMost people will have to deliver presentations at some stage during their careers. Some of us are gifted with great public speaking skills but most have to work at it. This short post gives you some simple ideas to ensure you are in the best position to give a great presentation.

Do your homework

There is nothing more obvious than a speaker who has not prepared. This can range from a badly researched or delivered topic to just not knowing how to work the IT. If you give the impression that you have not taken the time to prepare, it’s unlikely that people will willingly give their time to listen to you.  You need to rehearse under similar acoustic conditions to what you’ll expect, if you’re going to be best prepared.

Use a narrative

People love good stories and themes. Try and ensure that when you speak you have both. Try and pick a theme that links everything together and keeps people on topic. Try also to add to this narrative with interesting, relevant and, if appropriate, amusing stories. Odds are, this is what they’ll remember.

Keep an eye on your goals

It is almost certain that there is a reason you’re speaking. If not, you should probably not be there! Make sure that this is clear to you in the context of the organizer and the audience. For example: it’s an event in the renewable energy sector and most of the audience will be potential clients and providers in that industry, you’re on right after lunch and you’re talking about a new method in the industry. This knowledge will allow you to speak to your audience, rather than at them

MTC Limousine provides such services in New York and New York Metropolitan area. We just love supporting our local companies and nonprofits great events, so we hope that this post has been of some use. We can support any type of event with our large environmentally conscious fleet and well trained staff. We have the goal of driving a new transportation revolution. Call us today on 800-682-1112 to make your next events travel plan better.


Posted on Mar 27 2014

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