How to Hire a Chauffeured Transportation Services Company

limo service NYC, westchester limoIf you have never booked a limo ride for yourself or for someone else, do you know what to look for in a chauffeured transportation services company? It pays to ask questions before you consider doing business with one limo firm over another, noted a recent article at the Better Business Bureau.

Get References

What do other customers think of this ground transportation services business? Make sure that the company you’re interested in has plenty of references, and arrange to get the contact information for some of them. 

Ask these customers how they liked the service over all and whether they would use it again themselves or if they would recommend it to someone else. Bear in mind that a customer might be pleased with the service but didn’t have sufficient money budgeted, so take that into account if someone says they liked it but wouldn’t book again. If the service is within your price range and everything else matches up in terms of references, you have a good prospect to consider.


You should always ask to see proof of insurance. Reputable chauffeured transportation service firm operators, such as MTC Limousine,  will be happy to provide this information to you. You want to make sure the company has insurance for the fleet and is not resorting to tricks such as insuring vehicles under personal automobile policies.

Across State Lines

Is it okay to travel across state lines in this company’s limousine? The BBB recommends you ask about this. If the limo business is not in compliance with a state’s regulations, authorities will be able to stop the vehicle and impound it after crossing from one state into the next. MTC Limousine is compliant in the tri-state area and beyond through our network of affiliates.

Excellent Chauffeurs

Only go with a ground transportation services business that goes out of its way to hire the most talented, skilled and professional chauffeurs. You deserve the highest level of safety and comfort.

Put it in Writing

It’s a good idea to get everything you discussed with the limousine firm written down, especially when you have specific requirements. Whether you are arranging for a VIP trip to a convention center or the airport or have special arrangements for a tour party or a bachelorette celebration, writing down the details ensures there will be no surprises on the date of service.

We hope that these tips will be useful as you prepare to book ground transportation services.  Should you wish to book with the best Limousine Service NYC, please feel free to call us at (800) 682-1112

Posted on Apr 23 2015

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